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Dog medication could be Phsycoactive?

Discussion in 'General' started by XSN, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. I was looking for a bowl in my cabinet when i saw a bottle of Acepromazine in the corner tucked away...So i googled it up and found out that it is a sedative for dogs...suposedly very safe.

    So i looked a little more and found
    Acepromazine or Acetylpromazine (More commonly known as ACP, or by the trade name Atravet) is one of the phenothiazine derivative psychotropic drugs, used little in humans, however frequently in animals as a sedative and antiemetic. Its principal value is in quietening and calming frightened and aggressive animals. The standard pharmaceutical preparation, acepromazine maleate, is used extensively in equine, feline, and canine; especially as a pre-anesthetic agent often in conjunction with Atropine.

    I clicked on phsychotropic drugs because it looked familiiar and low and behold its in the same class as just about every drug used for reactreational use

    ...im really high right now...but is there any way at all that this dog medicine could produce any effect?
  2. Hahahaha, I thought it said the pills were antisemetic. :D
  3. Dunno what that means :(
  4. One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews
  5. I dont know man, Id say erowidulate that shit cuz Im too lazy too....but one time I found a bottle of hydrocodone liquid for my dog and it got me fucked up:hello:
  6. Already tried to erowidulate...no success
  7. Well it said used little in humans, but it must mean it was used.

    Find out what class of drugs, then find a similar drug on erowid. If not just search more, and eventually you will find if they are safe.

    If the drug is a sedative, it should work on people unless it is made specifically for dogs. So I'm guessing it would be safe, but don't know if it would have an effect or what they are.

    Also, since when is atropine used to sedate dogs, atropine is an anti-chemical agent used to stop a chemical from killing a person.
  8. Do you know what Atropine is? That stuff is meant to be taken in conjunction with Atropine?

    I wouldn't touch it. Tested on animals, yes. On humans? I doubt it. Very risky as you've no clue to a safe dosage or possible side effects or warning of a potential overdose. Good luck.
  9. It might kill you.

    Why the fuck are you taking dog medication, you loon?
  10. if you really want to know call posion control center and be like omg my 8 year old brother just drank a whole bottle of (_____). they will tell you the deal.
  11. lmao great idea:D
  12. Ketamine (Special K), is an animal Tranquilizer.

    So - it's possible. Not a smart idea though.
  13. Did i say i was taking it?

    Reading comprehension FTW!
  14. yeah, ive havent done it myself, but ive seen only bad things. i wouldnt drug myself with a horse med anyways.
  15. How did it go?

  16. except that it is actually used in surgery on people sometimes.
    where as most animal medications arent.

    and as to the topic of this thread:
    just smoke weed or get other drugs, either way, the dosage for your dog would probably be SIGNIFICANTLY lower than would be required to effect you. so probably not worth it.

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