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Discussion in 'General' started by nikidog11, May 10, 2003.

  1. Was sitting outside baked and playing with my beagle. She is so cool, fun to play with and loves me and mine unconditionaly. I love my dog.

    Do you love your dog? (you better)
    What kind?
  2. Wel,, currently I have 5 dogs. 4 are ours, and one is my step moms mothers dog, just watching her for a little while. I do love my dogs, all of them. Our puppy is just about full grown now, can remember when I frist saw her and she was so tiny rapped in a little blanket. She was so scared for about the first week, she would always hide, but now, shes so energetic and just loves to be pet. Shes a good little dog. So are the rest, except for when they shit in the house and think they can get away with it.
  3. Ok, surely there are more than 2 people out there who have/love dogs come on now people. We looked at some 3 1/2 week old beagle puppies today. Thinkin of getting a playmate for our 3 yr old, there so damn cute when there that little.
  4. hears my dog!

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  5. Ooops! Sorry.

    Thought I'd already replied in here. Must be the weed.

    Current owner of five canines.

    OK all y'alls what have heard the stories before can stop reading now. I'm stoned and feel like spinning a dog yarn, sooooo................

    Why God sends me dogs. By: Smokinokie. Grade 43

    I had 2 best friends that were with me before my wife of 16 years. As the cruelty that life sometimes deals, they are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge now. Wife asked me after the last ol' boy had passed on, "Do you wanna go get another dog?" I told her no. One would be along directly.

    About 6 months later, I answered a knock at the door to see a neighbor kid standing there, tears in her eyes, holding a small red puppy with a huge head. She announced that her uncle had gotten her this puppy for her birthday and he was gonna be too big and she could'nt keep him and they were taking him to the SPCA and she figgered since my Quila and Pete were gone now she thought I might want him. How do you say no to a face like that? So with those four big brown eyes looking at me? I told her I would keep him overnight at least, since he was gonna be so big I wanted to make sure he did'nt have an aggressive manner. I was relaying this message to the wife, watching out the kitchen window at the kids playing with this new red large headed puppy. I saw my baby sit down in the grass, and Rufus, (his name, after a co-worker of mine who resembles him) crawled up in her lap and did what Rufus does better than anything, take a nap. He joined the family at that point. He's part Akita, and part Rhodesian Ridgeback. Which results in the breed I now call the Couchweiler, or North American Sofasleeper.

    Several years down the road, we ran an old horse home in a widow womans pasture down the road. One night we noticed a scared, easily spooked, black and white puppy in her yard. Terrier/Border Collie mix. She told us her kids had brought it to her. They found it tied to a fencepost, so tight that her front legs could'nt touch the ground. She'd also had motor oil dumped all over her. They'd cleaned her up and let the widow have her. The widow was'nt home much, looking after family elsewhere, so the dog remained very afraid of humans. We'd see her every night we went to feed. She'd always hang near by and watch us, but any move toward her and she'd take off. I called her Annie, as in Little Orphan, but later learned her name was Precious. The old horse and Precious seemed to be spending a lot of time together. Everywhere the old horse went, she would tail him around. She also fell in love with Rufus, although he was hesitant to enter any kind of a relationship, her ability at rabbit chasing soon won him over. It was'nt long before she was following us home. And sleeping on the porch. And pretty soon coming inside and making herself at home. Now she's all over her fear of humans, and has become a member of the family.

    Living with 3 women, one is my wife, the other 2 popped out of her belly one day, they needed the little yip yip sized dogs. Got them one, and all of a sudden, babies popped out the dogs belly too. Wound up keeping 2 to bring the total to five. Pekese. Fat queen of the house. Odie. ADD, complete and total spaz, just wound a little too tight. And Bitty, the pissboy. They regularly suffer the pain of clothes and fingernail paint, but being little hamster dogs, I think they actually enjoy it.

    Also got a cat, 18 years old. She's kinda like a painting on the wall, that's always there, even if you don't notice it.
  6. I have a dog that showed up at my house a few months after we moved in. She was half-starved so we fed her and she stuck around. I also have a cat (even tho they're evil) that I found sopping wet on the side of the road while jogging. It was maybe 4 weeks old in an area where no one had cats so he didnt wander there himself.
  7. i have 3 pooches..... all rotti's...... lil family... the mother...son and daughter ..... out of a little of 7 we kept 2.....boy and girl.... the smallest one sophie weighs boy jake weighs just about 156lb and has a 36 inch neck....we had to get a special collar made for him..... no one breaks into my house, i mean would you if you saw 500lb of dogg sittin behind someones fromt door?
  8. we had all kinds of dogs back when i lived with my folks.. they all kicked ass, especially Dudley.. he was a solid white Lab/Sheppard mix and he ruled all.

    i still have my cat at my folks.. her name is "kitty" and shes a fat little bitch who likes to lay on my chest and bite my nose :)
  9. I have to say that when it comes to dogs, I only like the big ole dogs that stay outside. I love my chow (even though he is mean as hell to everyone but me). But smaller dogs just aren't my thing. I'm much more of a cat person!!!!!!
  10. I love my dog!!!

    1/2 Lab
    1/2 Boxer
    ...almost 90 pounds of pure muscle and he thinks he's a lap dog. :D

  11. :p
    i do love my puppy
  12. I have two blue heelers at the moment. My male, who weighs in at close to 40 pounds decided we were playing too rough last night so he showed me how rough he can play.

    I have a nice puncture wound to the back of my hand that hurts like a sonofabitch when I bend my middle finger. AND I have a nice 2" gash on the outside of my hand that will require 4 stitches to close up. I bled and bled while my two kids looked on with fascination last night.

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