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  1. So yesterday my friend's younger brother was having a graduation party. it was with his family and shit but i was invited along with another friend. we we're just chilling there eating food and whatnot. and out of no where this little pug comes prancing by with a little piece of plastic in his mouth. and my friend looks at him and said "what the fuck" and got the plastic out of his mouth and it ended up being a bowls worth of dank. we then got out of there and smoked that bowl. thanks to peanut.

    the end
  2. idk if i should believe this....but if it did happen that is soooooo awesome.
  3. Why can't shit like that happen to me?
  4. That is a pretty ill story if it is true. The real question is if the dog had ate the bud would you have still smoked it?
  5. That happened to my friends dad once, he took his new puppy to his friends house and the dog brought him a bag of weed out of nowhere haha he thought it was a chicken bone or something at first.
  6. hhahahah
    sweeeet :smoking:
  7. Bud covered in Dog saliva.

    Yeah that's always great.
  8. who doesnt know the difference between a chicken bone and weed
  9. I was expecting some Cheech and Chong style shit.
  10. The only explanation is he must have been high when he found it.
  11. I got a pug and that dog ALWAYS grabs whatever little bits of stuff she can and run around with it... plastic being a big thing, but she never swallows the stuff just runs around with it.

    She is also attracted heavily to the smell of bud... so if I were to drop a cellophane or something with a gram of bud or so in it... the same thing would happen.

    I just wish I was on the other end getting the free weed.

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