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Dog ate Edible.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ToTheDome, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Ya so my friends dog ate a couple of edibles and we were like OH SHIT. But after like 30-45min nothing had happened and we went to the movies. Well we came back like 2 hours later and his dog cant walk straight and is all over the place. It hasnt thrown up or anything but next time it tries to walk ill take a video so you know im not trolling.

  2. I see you trollin'

    till' you post that video!
  3. This happens to all if not most animals. It's an effect they haven't really felt before; from experience my dog had a very strange limp almost as if he was jizzing multiple times in his step.

    Best of luck to your dog <3 hope everythings all good
  4. LOL the same thing happened to my dog, he ate about 4 brownies. He didnt die but he was barking at the wall and was trying to bite the air, I felt bad but that bastard knows not to jump up on the counter. ohh and he went intoa coma(not really) for about 12 hours. He hasnt stole food since lol:smoke:
  5. Lol that dog's having the night of his life.
  6. He threw up but he seems to be chillin now.
  7. where's the video???
  8. I dont wanna make him move honestly. He's a 17yr old jack russel terrier and he just threw up and is trippin the fuck out.

  9. Hey fuck you guy. Naw lol but seriously why?
  10. Pic/video or it didnt happen ;)
  11. he'll be fine every1 wastes money on a vet and comes back to the city saying their dogs fine, maybe tomorrow or the day after, but he's gunna be fine as long as it wasn't like chocolate or anything thats bad for a dog normally.
  12. Doesn't matter how it happened. Not a topic for discussion. Maybe instead of taking videos you should make sure it's okay.
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