DOesnt this suck?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by boredjim8, May 12, 2006.

  1. When your takin a dump and water splashes up ur hole o_O
  2. Yeah that does suck it really sucks when you r in a port o let when it happens. It also scucks when you have to run to the bathroom as fast as youcan and as soon as you breech the point of no return the shit just starts splashing out of your ass as you barely make it onto the toilet. Or when you have been farting all day and you think it is all good and then you go to rip a haymaker and you feel a little bit uneasy about the fart and you have to shut the doors b/c if you don't you will shit on yourself. Boy I tell you shit is an interesting subject, but sometymes it just stinks, HAHA! JOE>

  3. ROFL!
  4. aahahahahahaha omg joe
  5. Damn, that was pretty funny. But yah, that sucks
  6. :laughing::hello::laughing::hello::laughing::hello::laughing::hello::laughing::hello::laughing:
  7. haha this is the most random post ever, but you're completely right. there are so many things about the shitting experience that just plain suck. plugging up the toilet, tire tracks, public restroom toiletpaper, splashes, sometimes it hurts, etc. etc.

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