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Does your body tell you......When its gonna be really good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by glasscollector, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I have been smoking for a while and have discussed this with a few other smokers as well and would like your input.

    The very first time I got high, I got high, I mean really really fucked up and I shared a dank joint with a total of 4 people, the very first think I noticed was my bottom eye lids felt like they were melting off my face, they instantly became very very heavy, it was a very strange but great feeling at the same time. I also felt like I was about 15 ft taller than everyone in the bar, my throught at one point got really hot, was pretty sure I was hovering for a few minutes but the eye thing has stuck with me all these years and every now and then we I have some really really good bud I will get they eye thing and it instantly puts a smile on my face cause I know the night is going to be a little extra fun. My wife has the same thing but her arms feel heavy, my brother has a thing two but I cant remember what it was.

    So my question is does your body do something different only when you are smoking a certain strain or strength something that does not happen all the time but when it does you recognize and welcome the sensation. Also post what it is for you.
  2. The change is in my head more than my body. I used to have a lot more body highs but for about the past year I noticed that it only changes my mind.

    Of course, besides the stomach sensations a couple hours after toking. The kind that makes me want to eat Taco Bell.;)
  3. Its like muscle memory. I take a hit and am already high cause I know and love the feeling so well lol. One weird thing is though is that my foot seems to twitch when I have my feet up. It weirds me out sometimes and I cant do a damn thing about it.
  4. Hmm sometimes when Ive smoked a certain type of bud, or Im in some kind of weird mood, probably has to do with tension release; is that I start an inner shaking..
    Not like, Im cold but just a vibration that makes me shiver in my torso.

    Havent had it for a good while, cause its not all that fun.

    The rest is normal symptoms, like a contstant grin, slandered eyes, slightly more pale (too bad cause i love my little tan) and uhm... thats it really.
  5. Back when i first used to get stoned I noticed my mouth felt relaxed in places or something and pasties would always worry i need water fast my mouths fucked up man
  6. I have had the shiver feeling, I only get it when I am high and its cold outside (winter time). I agree it is almost painful and definitely embarassing when you can't stop shaking and ur walking around campus..
    Other than that... sometimes I can actually feel my eyes get a glazed feeling. like I can feel a painter painting on a thick coat of feel good
    Also my ears/face burn and tingle when its real potent bud, i think everyones do though
    and oh yeah
    If you aint coughin you aint smokin good enough green! ;)
  7. I know im high whenever I get the sensation that my eyes are WIDE open, even though their quite the opposite and usually almost shut hahaha.
  8. Wierd knees are a good indicator of a great high.
  9. With a good kush I can feel my body getting heavy and vibrating. I am such a tense person that the feeling of relaxation is godly to me, which is why I smoke weed in the first place:D. It is more convenient that I like indica's since they are a lot easier to grow, and more common on the streets.
  10. I am a seasoned toker and still to this day when i smoke really good bud, that first hit my eye lids feel like they are HEAVY as fuck! To the point where i have to close my eyes for like 10 seconds. Funny you mention that.

  11. Been there, done that, felt amazing
  12. i get the vibes in my legs. once that happens ill sway a little (if im standing) and than ill catch myself. every.,.single...time
  13. i get this so much. either that or its cuz i had acl reconstruction. or both aljkkdff
  14. Spot on bro..I get the exact feeling when the weed is good.
  15. #15 HIGHliketheSKY, Sep 29, 2010
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    mmmmm body highs...:) when it feels like an ocean current of muscle spasms are running through my body then i know, damn this is a good high! and my eyes getting really heavy is another indicator.

    also when i start hearing things thats an indicator
  16. Music sounds a hundred times better. For sure! :cool:
  17. I get the shake thing to mostly with my foot but thats just mostly when I am smoking and board. Good stories haha.
  18. I ALWAYS get a sort of "wide aspect" view, it's like my eyes are 1-2 inches further back than when i'm not high.
    Besides that when I'm really fucked up I simply cannot keep track if time. Sometimes a simple thing seems like hours to me and other timely tasks seem to fly away. One time I swear I had been talking with a mate for hours, turned out we had been talking for a good 15 minutes.

    I love the sensi.

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