Does yahooka have genital warts?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tiny Tim, May 8, 2003.

  1. What the fuck is with that board, its been closing down on a daily basis it seems.
  2. yea cuz yahooka sucks, stay at the city
  3. I second that...

  4. Howdy son. I's wondering when you'd show up.

    Yahooka must be having some board problems again. They may have it back up soon!
  5. hey pops, yeah I heard a few people talkin about this board so I figured I'd scope it out. Are they having software problems or do we have more jr hackerwannabees?
  6. I can't answer that.. I go by there on a daily basis but i haven't heard anything about it being down till now..

    Probably jr hackers is my guess..

  7. Leave it to Smokie to bring Yahooka to the city!
  8. We yahookans stick together like family ties dude

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  9. I forgot....

  10. lol, salutations Critter
  11. Now we know why they all have BIG smiles!!!!!!!!
  12. the baby looks ripped
  13. yeah i hate yahooka i used to pose there all the time until the fucked mods deleted everyone of my post. They would delete post that werent even bad they just fuckin pissed me off like Govenor The Rev and Lunaria.
  14. I'm one of the mods over there too..

    I am also a mod here..

    This is not Yahooka. we all like to have a good time here, but we don't allow any BS..

    Keep it peacefull and welcome!
  15. haha BH, love it!
  16. I used to be at yahooka. The rev was annoying, you would be reading a post and get to the bottom and it would say moved to..... The rev moved WAY too many posts. It got really annoying. Thats not the only reason i left though. It was mostly the people there.
  17. We move a lot of post here and also post that we moved it.. It lets the others know who moved it so we don't have a bunch of threads asking who moved it or why it was moved!
  18. hmm yahookas down again, what a fuckin surprise

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