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Does willy have that?

Discussion in 'General' started by Peace4me, Dec 3, 2002.

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  1. Is this a moot issue or can I get some help with it? I want to find out if I am buying from a scammer or not. If I am, obviously I want to stop. I have been buying from this guy, and, so far, he has delivered what he says he will. An order even got contaminated once by the item used to mask the smell and he replaced it, pronto. He said he just wanted to please his customers.

    Now, I don\'t know the guy and,I am not paid by him. All I do is buy from him so there is really no collusion between me and him. He knows I am a Med user, so he knows why I buy from him. I have seen on some of the other sites posts by people that say he has delivered to them. I have seen people say he is a scammer as well. How do I find out? I see information from both sides of the issue and for me personally I get what I need. If I based my opinion on the results I\'m personally getting then I would say that I am 100% satisfied. There are no suppliers that I know where I live, I can\'t grow it, I\'m too old to start \"looking\" for it and I don\'t know of any other way of getting it except through the web. So what would you do? I need it and I don\'t see any other way at this time.

    I\'ve been a Med user for over 15 years and I need good reliable sources. I have found one that works for me. Now I just want to share this info with people who need it. Not just a bunch of \"heads\" out for a buzz. People who use it to have a relatively normal life without some of the associated pain. I, for one, know what that\'s like. I have three (3) different medical conditions and smoking helps all of them. Does not cure them, just helps the pain associated with them.

    I just want to know if I am doing the right thing. The guy does not mind if I let others know. I checked before saying anything. Can you people out there help me out? Don\'t just rant or rave about this. I want to know who has actually bought from them and what type of success they have had. If you were ripped off by him I want to know. If you were satisfied I want to know. Consider this a type of poll to settle who is a scammer or not. Please help. Peace edit critter is illegal to sell marijuana on the net .Please refain from doing so in future.

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