DoEs WhEaThEr MaTTeR???

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  1. It rains like almost everyday over here in Flordia, and i was wondering if to much rain could kill a plant??? It rains for about 4 hours a day, everyday of tha week.Should i continue to leave em outside or should i bring em inside?If someone could hitt me back with a reply sometime soon, it would be nice! By the way i found my digi. camera and i took a bunch of pix of those plants, but it says the file is to BIG to put it on the web page... Is there n e way i can get through it and post a few pix???
  2. too much rain or wate wikll kill you marijuana! even an hour a day is very dangerous.!take it inside
  3. Well Shiot! When i bring it inside, it gets droopy leaves... Right now like all tha leaves are poofed out and its starting to look nice.. But if to much rain will kill tha plant then could i just cover my lil grow box with screen??? I have a little grow box made outta a box and aluminum foil, but if i put a screen over it it would stopa portion of the rain from gettin through, and its still gettin light<<-------WOULD THIS WORK??? I just really dont wanna bring it in my house,My dad will prob. find it, that little biotch!
  4. sry guy but the screen wouldnt help at all.maybe making something to put over it all of the way and then for like a hal hour to fourty five minutes a day put in in the rain.
  5. hmmmm...
    Well do you think i should just move em back inside???? If so, what setup would you recommened to grow with?? Like what kinda lights, and do mirriors or aluminum foil work better????
  6. ok either make a wooden box..about 1 and a half feet wide and 2 and a half feet tall with a sheet of plaxy glass screwed into the top or get a large styro foam cooler.about 3 feet wide if you can and 2 feet tal.get the biggest you can.with the wooden one you need to make two holes on the bottem part and have a fan inside the box with the cord coming out. this way fresh air is ble to come inside. if you are afraid if you parents finding out the get card board and glue or paint on it and stcik the foil to it. make the card board big enough to fit over the box and glass. this way you can have the plant in dark cycle and the card board will keep the dark in and your parents wouldnt look insid at night.then in the oppisite corner of the other hole in the top make another for ventilating the extra air out. in the light cycle you can have them on top.over the card board thing you made... if your inside a closet then just hang a light on the pole coming across. have an air freshener to eliminate can buy one of those 10 outlet thing where there is a switch to turn off all when you want.make reflective things to make more light hit the plants and even the bottem parts of the plants. OK NOW WITH THE COOLER. fill the cooler with soil abvout 6 inches. in one side make a hole big enough to fit a the oppisite end make a hole for ventilation.on the top make a hole to fit a light.basically thats all. i have something similar to the fist works pretty good so far.well good luck and happy growing!
  7. Thanks alot for tha ideas, Im in progress of making tha wooden box now, but have 2 more questions! What kinda fan do i use, and what kinda light do i use??? I went out to check on my plant today, and i was shocked! There are little things growing off tha braches that look like seeds! Does a plant seed be for it buds or no? Well n e wayz thanks for all tha info, and if you can hitt me back with a reply it would be nice! THANKS! .o0 Sô|\|É 0o. 1.
  8. aww man you say you see little balllike things that look like pics??that either means it is a male or a female that got pollinated by a male and is producing seeds..bummer guy.well in the long run you can collect the seeds and try to re-plant.just like a regular little fan with multi-speeds.mine is a fan that has 2 speeds and it doesnt can move when you do it but it doesnt do it by it self.i got mine at my fred myer store for 9.99 $.it works great and im thinking of getting another.well good luck. i need to get my seeds then im gone! im planting a shiva shanti.well 6 or 7.what is your strain? anyways later!
  9. oops little ball like things that look like seeds. sry i was
  10. So if it already has seeds on it does that mean its a male???????? Whats wrong with a male plant???/Does it still bud?????? I know i had a whole bunch of plants together and i think ur right about it being pollinated but will it still bud??????? HITT ME BACK LIKE SOON PLEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. well sry to say but if you never separated the males for the females then you cant smoke either.the males arent good smoke but if you smoke alot of the leaves then you can probably get blazed.the females if they have seds then you cant smoke em.the males wont bud or anything.sry guy.but next time to remove the males as soon as they show sex.!!!!!!!!!!SRY
  13. well if it has ball like things coming from the arm of the stems then its a guy.if there are small seed like things where the bud should be then its a female with seeds and you cant smoke em.if it has hair like things coming off it then its a female.separate then
  14. You said if it has hairs commin off tha plants??? Well this plant has alot of hairs commin off of it and lotz of crystals all over tha leaves???? So this means its a female????
  15. ok dude ITS FEMALE, so be happy, uh keep it outdoors and put plastic around the base of the plant so it doesn't get too much water, keep them in pots or buckets or whutever so its easier to control the water. errr dont' waist time on your box, your goign to end up doing more work than your have to
  16. Thanks fo tha info, I already made tha box and put it out there, I wuz just curious to know if it wuz a male or a female...............

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