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Does weed make you Euphoric?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlueDream4Ever, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Where I live in Scandinavia, weed doesn't make you Euphoric. It makes you laugh alot. And that's it. Leafly says that alot of the weed make you euphoric.

    but No euphoric for us. Is that the same in California, the cali high grade weed? And we normally pay about 22 dollars a gram for some Blue Cheese, and something called ice we have to pay about 63 dollars a gram.

    That's why I will move to US, maybe cali, and then smoke the hell out...
  2. 63 a gram!??! Jesus H Christ thats a hefty price.
  3. YeP... And it isn't even a good high lol
  4. #4 smoking515, Aug 7, 2012
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    Wow I pay 20 usd a gram tops for the very high quality budand I get very euphoric and feel a very strong body and mind high. Either you have very bad schwag or that's not weed, those names sound bullshit. 63 a gram is 8 bucks more that what I pay for 3.8 or a 1/8th, post a picture man. Op post reminds me of the clips from reefer madness that showed people smoking weed and laughing uncontrollability for no reason like a insane person lol did your weed look anything like this?

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  5. Yes kind of just in small buds. But i just think its bad low grade weed. Which are overpriced.. Lol

    Looking forward to smoking some awesome weed in us in 3 years!!
  6. Yes i experience euphoria when i smoke.
  7. depends what i'm doing
  8. Sometimes depending on the strain. I really like when it does happen.
  9. Uh, perhaps you should state your definition of "Euphoric", because people sitting around getting high and laughing a lot sure sounds a lot like...

    Just saying.
  10. I feel euphoria every time :smoking:
  11. Sometime i get a euphoric high, sometimes its a lazy high or a thinking high, i only get all insanely happy and start laughing maybe 20% of my highs. but there have been times when the euphoria was more apparent than others
  12. What the OP is describing sounds more like the weed we had around in the 70's - lower THC to other Cannabinoid ratio. I like that sort of weed myself, although euphoric is good too.
  13. 63 a gram is TOO much. Depends on the strain to get me euphoric

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