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Does weed help depression?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jankasauras, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Lately i've been in a little bit of a funk, i'm not going through a manic depression phase, but just don't understand life or anyone at that matter. The outlook on myself as of right now isn't so good. So back to my question, has anyone medicated to help with depression, and does it yield any response at all? I'm not saying this is a cry for help (but it'd be nice to talk to someone).

    So answers please?
  2. yeah man weed always sorts me out ,
  3. Yea it can I'd just stay away from it when your really feeling down, that's when it can stab you in the back and make things worse.

  4. Yeah sometimes it helps lift my spirits when I'm down. However it can really make things worse if you rely on it too much for depression. My advice is to just not overuse it, which is a lot harder when you become depressed and are looking for an escape.

    :) good vibes your way :smoke:
  5. I have heard yes and no-it depends on the person. Right now I am going through depression, I have been for a long time, so I'm kinda feeling for you. I love life but am also depressed, it's a weird combination. It is one way to feel good, but I always remember I can't rely on it to feel good-I have to know ways besides that. And I do. Good luck, remember there is a lot to be happy for, it's just that you feel so weighed down. Don't worry, be happy
  6. i dont know, sometimes. alot of the time if im feeling down im just not in the mood to smoke... but usually if i do i feel pretty good after. i dont have depression or anything though.

    a couple weeks ago it was my last day of a 5 day t break and i was pretty sad because (suffice to say) something i had been excited for turned out to be a total flop. anyway when i toked that night i smoked a shit ton out of my new bong, and i was SO baked i thought i had a solution to it. so i wrote it down and then when i looked at it in the morning, it made like no sense and would probly make shit way worse... and if that wasn't bad enough, i had wrote the whole thing in german but with tons of errors. so i had a good laugh thinking how stoned i must have been. i didn't feel as bad about it after that, but idk if that was coincidental.
  7. Need to be able to distinguish between avoiding and dealing with your depression - no personal experience on the matter, but using drugs to avoid the harsh realities of life is never a good idea.
  8. You should go for a jog. Lack of exercise causes all sorts of problems. :smoke:
  9. id say weed can deffinatly raise your spirits and pull you out of a world of shit and sit you of a nice fluffly cloud :)

    too much weed can make you temporarly depressed though
  10. I would definitely imagine weed would beat the fuck out of depression if I had it. No way in hell it'd put up with that sad shit.

  11. Yeah I decided a week ago i'm quitting (Or a t-break :p) but I just don't want to rely on it, and have weed as a crutch, that's the reason I hate pills, and any other drug in depression, I love life, just right now its hard to think about the good.
  12. Look im going through my first break up. I smoke everyday and everyday i feel better :)
  13. It helped mine when I was depressed and pharmaceuticals weren't working.
  14. In small to moderate amounts, yes.

    In large amounts, cannabis produces anxiety, paranoia which can culminate in a full blown panic attack.
  15. Good thinking, it must be a tool, not a "chair." One day the chair will break. I personally am always happy, but at the same time depressed. I feel like smoking is enjoyable, and I can't smoke to become happy automatically. I have my second counseling appt on friday (the first one was two fridays ago) and I hope it helps as much as the first one did. Have you thought about going?
  16. Marijuana helps me with depression, and general feeling down, but it certainly can exacerbate depression in some people. But keep in mind that pharmaceutical antidepressants can also lead to MORE and deeper depression for some users. A side effect of most antidepressants is 'suicidal thoughts' - so take care whatever you decide to take.

    Always a good idea to talk it out, even of it's just with other people on this forum. I can also recommend exercise. Experts say vigorous exercise is often equally or more effective than prescription medication for depression.

    Feel better man.
  17. If you're not happy, don't smoke every day. Once you build up a tolerance, weed will start to exasperate whatever thoughts/feelings you have. If you have positive, well-rounded life, and your going through a tough time-- Sure it can help to take your mind off things and relax you when your stressed.

    Just be careful not to make it your life. Exercise every day! Taking care of your body and mind is first and foremost. That will naturally get rid of depression and build confidence. There's nothing like working out hard then taking a few tokes.

  18. Dude... I was typing my reply, hit send, and then realized we basically have the same thoughts on this.. Even chose to both use exasperate haha.. Major coincidence
  19. [quote name='"Caveit77777"']Look im going through my first break up. I smoke everyday and everyday i feel better :)[/quote]

    Story of my life bro. Feel ya, but keep on it like I did. Everything gets better :bongin:

  20. Great minds think alike, and all that!

    Just proves that people on this forum are on the same wavelength. Nice...

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