Does weed cause or help depression

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  1. Sup blades Idk if yall read my other threads but ive kinda been coping with depression and I was wondering what you think weeds connection with depression is. I like to think it does neither through experience Ive been getting mixed results. Sometimes I just get blazed and love life more than ever with a huge smile on my face. BUT sometimes( happens when Im alone smoking but only sometimes) I get onto such a deep emotional level like I look back at my life and question everything Ive ever done and question what path im on and where im going in life. And naturally I get down on myself afterwards.
    So what do ya think cause if it causes depression I might gotta give it up once and for all
  2. It can go either way. Just like anxiety, some people smoke to ease it, others have to stop smoking because it causes it.
  3. I think it amplifies whatever you're feeling. If you're happy, it'll boost that to a new level. If you're already kinda bummed, it'll make it worse. It's best to avoid it on those kinds of days. Or to do it with a big fun group, because then someone usually starts doing something stupid and it's easier to forget your troubles. Keep your head up, bud.
  4. I couldn't agree more.  Well said BeardoTheMellow
  5. too subjective of a question. if its psychoactive its gonna vary per person and per experience.

    at any rate, it doesnt destroy your ability to produce serotonin, so theres no reason it has to depress you.
  6. I smoked myself out of a depression and I've smoked myself into one.  I was drinking every night, no goals, just wanted to be drunk to feel something besides a piece of shit. I quit drinking all the time and started smoking with a good friend of mine.  The times we had smoking together really helped me. I started to see the silver lining in things and started to focus on what I needed to get done.  But I recently started smoking a lot by myself because my friend who smoked with me doesn't have the time and only one of my other friends smoke.  So when stuff started looking bad for me I would use my weed as a crutch to avoid having to confront my problems, but like you said sometimes when I'm by myself I get so deep in thought and just get down on myself.  It really just depends on what your reasons for smoking are, and for me my reasons change often.  I could want to smoke to get something off my mind, have a good experience with people, help me sleep (this is a big one for me).  Its all circumstantial.  
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    Really depends on how I'm feeling before I smoke. If I'm depressed about my life chances are right when I get high it will make me feel even more depressed but if things are going good than I'll have an amazing, uplifting, positive high especially if I'm smoking a strong sativa. I notice indicas make me more depressed and lazy. Sativa makes me active. It helps motivate me to change things about myself and my life that I don't like.
  8. Its the same with me, most of the time it makes me happier and feel better, and some times it makes me think about certain things too much. For me it's usually a sativa strain that makes me think to much so i try to stick to indica when smoking alone. You could try paying attention to strain and which triggers it more, may not make any difference though.

    I started growing recently and chopped a male down to make edibles from the leaves. I noticed that with the right dose it does more for my depression than any prescription meds ever have, without having to worry about making myself depressed. Starting to prefer edibles over smoking.

    Like the person above me stated it can go either way, depends on the person.
  9. Thanks for the advice and if you were wonderin I usually get indicas or hybrids i dont think ive ever owned a strain that sativa just cause of where I live. Closest Ive ever got was probly trainwreck which is sativa dominant hybrid.
    Right now I got something called "koala" Ive never heard of it and idk what kind it is but my dealer (who is my friend) said its pretty good and it is.
  10. That's the rub. It can excelerate and exacerbate depression and anxiety. You need to find the right amount and time frame that will work with your biology. It can be a slippery slope. For instance, a lot of people who smoke throughout the day and do it say every two hours or so, can fall prey to some nasty "brain banging". Four hours between doses is a good place to begin. And you will need to learn how to "push" the negative out. It's fine to let the bad in for a minute or two, but out it MUST go in short order.
  11. I've found that for me, if I'm really depressed, it makes me more depressed, BUT, NOT from the weed, just the depression. It helps me to focus and think about why I'm depressed and THAT is what depresses me more. But from that point I at least can figure out what to do. Then I get on with getting over my funk, and it helps immensely with that! Can't move forward without a game plan. And no matter what, I an always find something to smile at while high. YouTube usually has something that will make me laugh.
  12. Everything causes depression if you think about it long enough my niggra
  13. I think once I took control of my mind while I'm high I cured my depression and anxiety. When I smoke I no longer feel like I'm not in control of my actions like when I was inexperienced. So now when I'm high I'm high but in control of my thoughts. I don't create paranoia, negative or anxious thoughts or anything like that.
    Idk how to say it any better than the fact that I controlled my own mind, thoughts, and actions rather than being anxious or whatever.
  14. This is your answer OP.

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