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Does weed cause eye bags?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kid Jay, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. I recently started to notice that I get really bad eye bags and bloodshot eyes after I smoke. The redness goes away but the bags remain for a awhile. Does anyone else get this as well? I wonder if it's because marijuana messes with your REM sleep, and so I'm actually not resting at all and that's why I look tired all the time?
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    I get terrible bloodshots and bags. I do have really bad insomnia so I never get enough sleep so I just have eyedrops on hand. Plus everyone who knows me is aware of the insomnia.
    Getting high gets you relaxed and tired sometimes, either find something that doesn't mong you out so badly or just act tired I guess.
  3. Do eyedrops fix the bags too or just the redness?
  4. Just the redness. I think the bags are more from being tired than weed. weed seems to make a lot of people tired. I don't think weed affects the quality of your sleep (it does effect dream recall though). There's probably just a lingering after effect from the weed when you wake up. Maybe try smoking less before sleep until you build up a higher tolerance.
  5. No weed doesn't. Staying up late does. Do you stay up late so you can sneak, and smoke undetected?
  6. Haven't noticed any bags but i have had bloodshot eyes before.
  7. I'd be concerned if someone here has said they've been smoking weed for awhile and have never gotten blood shot eyes. 
  8. Call me crazy but I love my eye bags especially when my eyes are blood shot red lol

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  9. [quote name="Funk-D" post="19350635" timestamp="1389859077"]No weed doesn't. Staying up late does. Do you stay up late so you can sneak, and smoke undetected?[/quote]I do lol. But I only get the bag eyes after smoking. I'll stop smoking before going to bed for a awhile and see what happens.
    The combination of the staying up late, along with the dried out eyes from smoking is what is causing the bags underneath your eyes. The solution...get more sleep  
  11. Also make up. Make up also helps, but I don't wear make up because I am a man. And Make up is for girls. 
  12. Make up is to cover blemishes on the skin. Not all make up is lipstick lol. I don't wear make up tho, natural like my bud. And cannabis releases 400x the amount of melatonin , than you regularly would. Causing tiredness ( and BAGS )Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. You can have the best sleep of your life, then wake and bake and you'll have bags again! It's apart of the effects of Cannabinoids Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. I never knew anyone who got bags when he smoked though. I'm glad im not the only one.

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