Does this weed contain thc?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kanakuut7, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Today I found a field with lots of weed growing there, it's not ready yet, but I took a bit of it and now I'm wondering if this weed even contains thc. It smells like real weed and has crystals, but not sure if contains thc. Hope one of you could answer me if it actually contains it and should wait for it to grow more and dry it and etc. Thanks in advance. Snapchat-472320261.jpg
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  2. looks like trichomes on it but I would hash it out tbt.
  3. Man IDK how to feel on this one. You stumbled upon someone's guerilla grow.....myself personally, I wouldn't touch it. Wouldn't want anyone screwing with my plants
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  4. Are those spider webs on it? And is that hair?
    I'm pretty sure this is a Guerilla grow.

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  5. No, there isn't spider web on it. And yes, those are hairs.
  6. I find it very hard to believe you just stumbled upon the plants.....I think you went looking bc for some reason you can't grow your own. I, for one, do not condone stealing peoples's too easy to grow your own.
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  7. Could very easily be field of hemp. Any male plants?

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  8. Not buying it, I've been hiking and camping in remote areas and have NEVER seen wild cannabis. This guy is actively looking for grows and ripping people off.....him posting here is nothing but trolling.
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  9. Don't know, but the bud that I got had some seeds in it so I guess there are male plants nearby.
  10. Actually one of my friends found the field and told me, so I checked it out and found it. And how is this post trolling??
  11. I've found weed growing before in the wild. All you guys jumping down his throat need to relax. You know what happens when you ASSume.
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  12. Where are you OP? Eastern Europe? It's most likely wild industrial hemp. If it's someone's patch hemp or not you should stay away

    If it's wild have at it. Though you're not likely to get high smoking it.
  13. Put what you stole back, you're on camera and have been reported to local growers association. Look at that quick snip butcher job, that's a snatch and run nug :toke:
  14. I'm in Northern Europe.
  15. I wouldn't go stealing plants could land yourself in a lot of shit.
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  16. Which country? I think it's hemp
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  17. In northern europe weed and hemp grow wild.

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