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  1. First started growing earlier this year....started growing some bagseed b4 i had the necessary equipment (lights, ph up/down, etc..)....:rolleyes:

    As i grew i got addicted to the grow itself not just the idea of growing bud...

    Now on my second grow and the most exciting thing is the idea of growing through the long winter and having a much larger second harvest:hello:

    You know its funny, you almost forget the kind of plant you're growing and just become focused on having a successful grow and harvest:D

    just a couple of thoughts...
  2. I just planted three seeds for my first grow. Im away at school though so my GF is taking care of them back home(Lives in my house) I have a little crate i put tin foil on walls and got a plant lamp. I'm just trying to get them to sprout right now. After that I will do more research on what I need to get to have them grow to their full potential.

    I'm transferring back home after this semester though, so i'll be able to watch them.
  3. I tried growing once wen i was livin with my mom but was way to paranoid to keep it goin probably cuz i was high all while growing
  4. analogousness
    smh....public schools these days
  5. man the absolute cheapest way to keep your plants alive is can get 4 26w daylight cfls from lowes/home depot for like 7-8 bucks(cant remember exactly how much, i just know its cheap)

    and as the plants grow just keep adding cfls as you see really won't run into a light issue until flower:smoke:

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