Does this sound like an HPS or MHID

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  1. I just bought a light fixture, the guy didnt know if it was an HPS or MHID, but its definatly one or the other, its a 250watt system, like what is way on the top of warehouses, came with a ballast ontop and everything, but it doesnt have a yellow tint like a HPS does, its more of a really fucking bright Floro color, so is it a Metal Halide?
  2. A metal halide gives off a bluish-white light, but I'd like more info to go on to ID your fixture.
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    Its a 400watt multi tap fixture, it came from a warehouse lighting place normal $200 but i got it for $30 cause the guy was replacing tge old fixtures

    and i just relized i could probably run the lightbulb serial code on
  4. If its an old warehouse light it might be a metal halide. I`ve seen a bunch of those on

  5. Yep its mhid, i ran the serial number

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