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Does this plant look healthy?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mothersuperior, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. It's around 8 days old... Low Ryder mix

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  2. color looks good. I see some slight twisting but nothing major.
  3. Does humidity cause twisting?
  4. it can, so can PH issues.
  5. Is my light to close to the plant ?... One leaf looks a little bit yellow... I think I am seeing some decent growth now.

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  6. what type of light(s) is it & how many watts if 1 leaf looks bit yellow its unlikely ur light unless its the leaf closest to the bulb? also as mentioned twisted growth is usually caused be a PH issue, but i think ur growth looks ok 2me
  7. Mills,
    Its a 42 Watt CFL... I adjust my PH once a day, is it normal for PH to rise from like 5.5-6.0 to 7.0 in around 24 hours?
  8. the CFL wont be burnig ur plant, they can usually be within a few inches of the plant & well need to be close like that as they have poor light penertraion, when i was using CFL's i kept them about 1 inch from my plants lol, so ur safe in regards to burning ur plant,

    im no expert but the PH shouldnt rise that much in 24 hours, my bubble bucket im running i just change the water once a week & the PH levels have never gone out of the exceptible range, so IMO that PH rise isnt right, im cant remember the reasons for the PH going like that im just trying to think
  9. can you tell me if this is a male?i I am pretty sure it is :( but want to make sure before I start over again.

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  10. looks like possible male, but almost impossible to tell for sure from that pic
  11. I am going to give it another week(probably just collect the pollen)...I'll be doing a freebie fem seed this time.
  12. Ok.... Does this picture help?

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  13. Thanks... was in denial that it was male. =(

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