does this look normal im in my 4th week of flower?

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  1. im in 4th weekof flower got 600 w hps in a using a 4 pot wilma using dutch pro nutes the trichomes are all over the place looking very frosty and is very sticky :) but on th one plant the buds look different these are closer to the lights aswell any help id be very happy boy[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. didnt realise the pics are t that good ill take some more later, basically they have like yellow bits coming out if u can just see?

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  3. depeends on strain some strains flower in 8 weeks which mean you should be half way done which doesnt really look like it, but cant tell becaus quality of pics, some strains take like 14 weeks, which would mean its just starting.. pretty hard to tell you an answer... it kinda looks like the plant has taken a beating though....
  4. You look good man.

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  5. If the others don't look like this one and this one is closer to the light, then it might just be some light bleaching. Most of the strains I've grown have been about a 2 month flowering period. If this is a strain like you're growing, then these buds look pretty normal. If your trichomes are very frosty, then most likely this is an 8 week strain to flower. Since you're doing a hydro setup, I would guess that this is either a pH issue or a nutrient with most hydro grows. You live and die by the pH values in the reservoir and with hydro, you can kill everything in a day if you screw it up. Get on the hydro threads here on the forum and do some reading. We have lots of terrific hydro growers on here and I'm sure one of them can help you figure out what your problem is. That's why I started with get some experience with just growing the plant under normal conditions. Once you learn the plant, then it's much easier to figure out what your issues are. TWW
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