Does this look like good weed?

Discussion in 'Security' started by LegalizePot_, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Does this look like good wood. Supposed to be a little more than a gram[​IMG]

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  2. You can't tell take it out the bag and snap a picture close up of it
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  3. Already rolled it

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  4. Looks like cat shit to me

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  5. Looks pretty bad. But that weed right there is better than no weed at all.
  6. How did it smoke ? Because looks like Dookie.
  7. Itll smoke. But good isnt how I'd describe it. Ripped off is how I'd describe it

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  8. I give strangers more weed than that as a free gift. And I don't even have a pound lol.

    Health over wealth my friend

    What's the point in having wealth if you have no health :)

    stay happy

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  9. Looks can be deceiving- No, it doesnt look good...

    Recently I got 1/2 of some thin mint cookies and it looked like shwag- I've had thin mint cookies before and while its not a prize winner in the looks dept it looked 100x better than what was in that bag. I took it anyhow.

    Ended up putting me on the floor-

    No idea why the terrible looking stuff was so much better- taste was pretty much the same. Idk.
  10. Is that a little bit of mold near the far left of that nug?

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