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Does this look like a g to you

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by litterlife69, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Sup GC was wondering if yall thinks this looks like a g. Got It today .
    It's pretty dense but tell me what yall think

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  2. Doubtful. Probably a .8 or something, unless it's super dense.
  3. It might be if its dense
  4. Yeah it's pretty dense , ill post another pic when it's all broken up and tell me what you think from there. Preciate it
  5. Depends if the hand in the picture is a midget hand, normal hand, or giant hand ;).

  6. Most likely skimp like stated above, somewhere between .8 - 1.0 I can't stress enough the importance of a scale or mini scale for piece of mind or always wonder what if...
  7. .7 unless real dense
  8. Op, take a look at my blog (in my sig). I recently did a little post on weight. :wave:

  9. That looks pretty dense, its probably a gram, that second part, is it attached to the big nug, or is it separate? if its separate I can pretty much guarantee its a gram or at least like .95
  10. looks legit. might be 1.2 or 1.3
  11. You add another little nug .2 and that would be a g
  12. $10 buys a scale for future reference.
  13. "Does this look like a Q to you?"
  14. Yeah thats looks like a g
  15. Right around a g. .8 at least. Grab a scale, theyre cheap and very handy
  16. my eyes arent a scale...invest
  17. depends how dense, could be, impossible to really tell

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