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Does this look good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheSnipez, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Hi there new here, I got some mango haze and I'm just wondering if it looks good? 20170726_183853.jpg 20170726_183842.jpg

  2. Shit looks pretty dank I'd be down to smoke a bowl of it, how much you pay for a gram?
  3. got 8g for £50 which isn't too bad here in the UK and it smells damn good!
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    Thats about standard price then bro I live in the UK I pay £45 for 10 grams
  5. That's pretty good then, around where I am it usually costs £10 for like 0.8 - 1g but i found a new guy. The problem with living in the middle of nowhere I guess XD
  6. I usually get 1-1.3 for a ten round here what part of the UK you from? I live near Birmingham :smoke:
  7. Dank bank says quality fire.


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  8. I'm currently smoking on some cheese that stinks :smoking:
  9. I live near Northwich and 8.2 isn't too bad of a rating :D and that looks damn good :eek2: only problem i have with cheese is even a tiny bit can stink out a house XD
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  10. Yeah cheese tends to stink my whole house out man haha
  11. Damn you live in a better country than I do:p Looks good too, maybe need a little bit of curing?

    In Sweden normal street price is like 50-60 for so called 5g. In Sweden 5g isn't really 5g touhgh, it normally lands on 3.5 - 3.8g haha. Quality is about the same, if you're not being hustled.

    Less you know a good guy that is. Even if guy is good wont be under 60 for a real 5g.
  12. It smells damn nice though :biggrin: and it's just came in from Holland so maybe so! Might try curing it a bit more and wow that's pretty damn expensive! It's pretty easy to get ripped off badly over here though, once had a guy try to sell me 2g for £50! Glad i had my set of scales on me :sneaky:
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  13. All of my plugs weigh infront of me only people that dont are some friends when they sell but I trust them and its usually over by .3/.5 because we're friends:smoking:
  14. wish more people around here were like that XD and you ever had this mango haze i've got?
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  15. Never had mango haze bruh, I've had mango kush and pineapple kush before
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  16. What were those 2 like? and you ever had bubblegum kush? That stuff was damn powerful :smoking:
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  17. They were decent strains man got me feeling good haha nah man never had bubblegum kush, you ever had sour diesel? Its one of the best strains I've ever had taste and smells just like diesel and got me ripped af bro
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  18. I'll have to get them! and try to get some it actually made me trip balls XD and nope i've heard of it though, that's another on the list of strains to try :love-m3j:
  19. Looks mighty fine to me!!!
  20. FB_IMG_1493625129643.jpg

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