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Does this happen to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by headie shot, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Whenever its late at night and I smoke a few grams, I start passing out. Now leading up to the passing out I will close my eyes and just chill on the couch, and thats when i will start remembering randome things that i havent thought about in years! I will remember stuff from when I was like 2-7 years old and will be like "holy shit i remember that" haha. The fucked up part is that as I start remembering stuff i know happened, I will start remembering stuff clear as day that I never think really happened. I will also hear voices and shit like my mom or dad calling my name or saying somthing, but im pretty sure its because by that point im gone haha. Does this happen to anyone else.

    Also I do have a theory: The weed enhances your distant memories ( a natural balancing out to make up for the short turm memorie loss, as i beleive everything in nature evens itself out weather we see it or not) and your imagination. So I remember things that did happen, than my imagination starts to add to the memories and the "voices" are just a combonation of my imagination, my memories, and me dreaming in a sense while i am still on the grasp of being awake......

    So am I crazy yet haha
  2. lool your not crazy but all thats happening is your thinking too much.. As far as i know, weed doesn't do that but it does give you more awareness and creativity so when your drowsing off your going to alpha waves in your brains and your experiencing REM sleep (some form of it) where weed makes you add your creative and imaginative side to your random memories and you start remembering shit that you think is important. Idk, im just high but just don't think too much about it
  3. I like your explanation alot better lol

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