Does this happen to anyone else?

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  1. Does anyone always see things out of the corner of their eye and then look to see that nothing is there?

    I will see things moving or something will appear to fly by and then I'll turn and look to see what is there but it's always nothing.

    And no I dont have any mental health issues lol

    Also I have good eyesight, if that matters.

    It freaks me out sometimes too cause like I'll be laying in bed before going to sleep and I swear I'll see something moving out the corner of my eye in the dark, but of course nothing is there but for that split second it's like I'm totally convinced something is there.

    Anyone have this same experience and does anyone have any insight as to what is causing this?
  2. If they are really small white or colored circles that fly in irregular movements, they could possibly be orbs. I've seen them a few times before, but sparingly. Then again what I saw for all I know could have been dust lol
  3. Orbs are nothing but specs of dust, in the grand scheme of things :p
  4. This happens to me from time to time. Like seeing shadows sneaking around just outside my periphery.

    I do however, see "visual snow" everywhere. It looks like everything is made up of incomprehensibly small particles that are constantly moving. I can see them right now. I can focus my attention out so I ignore them for the most part if I want but it never really goes away... I've got 20/20 vision too....
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    Floater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have these things. I don't think they are orbs because I know what you are taking about and orbs are different.

    Floaters are kinda weird though...they are things in your eyes that make this strange shape appear when you look into something white or the blue sky.
  6. when i was dropping dxm and psychadelics every day for about 3 weeks after i quit id see random shit like a dog in my room or this one time a black shirt on the floor looked like a panther creeping out from under my bed.
  7. alll the fuckin time, i always think its a mouse or a lizard but its always nothing

  8. I get that everyday. Like I just see the world made of little pixels.

    Tomorrow, go outside, Lie down, and look into the blue sky for a couple minutes. I bet you will see little white energy sparks flying around.

  9. Yes! I get that whenever I look at the sky during daytime.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one lol.

  10. Yes I get it every single time I look into the sky. It's definitely energy.
  11. i've been living with that my whole life, it used to piss me off so much when i was a kid
  12. I like your username, getajob! :D

  13. Lol why would it piss you off?
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    hahahaha dude this happened to me at work today at least 6 times :smoke:

    2 of the times I swore it was my friend standing right next to me, and turned and actually asked "whats up?" :confused:
  15. I always get those. They're probably just floaters in your eyes. Everyone has them.

  16. Yea I know what floaters are, I see those everyday was well.

    This is different though...that I'm positive of.

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