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Does this happen to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoke&mirrors, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. You know, those annoying little things that happen ONLY when you're baked.

    For example, today I'm getting in from work, and I smoke a nice bowl topped off with kief before I head inside for the night. So my hands are full of shit, and when I go to take off my shoes I get a HUGE knot in one of the laces and I'm trying to untie this knot for what seems to be an eternity, and I cant get my fucking shoe off without getting the knot because it was tied too tight haha.

    Anyways, do these annoying, uncalled for occurences PLAGUE anybody else!? :smoking:
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  2. Yeah, like how that cop happens to be going the same fucking place you're going when you've just lit up.
  3. I always think that I lost my car keys...
    because I lost my real key,
    now I just have a spare, so after I smoke I always feel my pocket to see if my keys are there and they usually aren't, they end up being in my purse. Haha.
  4. 1. Carrying a knife resolves the OP's problem. (but shoe laces get expensive after a while).

    2. The most I ever lost physical control over my own body was forgetting how to unzip my coat, calling up my father and telling him about it, so he told me to go to bed and try again in the morning. He was right. It unzipped perfectly fine the next day.

    3. Fuck driving while high. I don't want to go anywhere. Walking, driving, or a taxi. After I get stoned, I stay home.
  5. i hate how when im baked i forget where i put verything the next five seconds i put it down. its so annoying looking for something for halfan hour and finding it in the most obvious place
  6. i smoke in my car because i live with my parents.

    9/10 times i always forget to turn my light off, i always check because i do it so often. and its motherfuckin cold outside so it sucks.

    just annoying thing, its the last thing to do and i ususually forget for some reason.
  7. when i cant light my cigarette until i ask everyone to run their pockets quick and hand it back to me.

    or when someone is too high to inform me that the bowl i am about to hit is pretty much cashed and all i get is a pile of ash on my tongue.

    so basically i lose my lighter and i get pooped on by bowls. both only happen when i am high. because if i am sober i wouldnt have rotated my lighter in a circle. and i would have check the bowl to see if it was legit.
  8. When I get high I can't micromanage at all and I talk like a fucking bug.:(
  9. I lose my wallet in my apartment almost every time I get stoned.

    3 A.M.
    Roommate: "Want to go to McDonalds"
    Me: "Hell yeah let me get my wallet"

    15 minutes later
    Me: "Sorry dude last time I promise"
  10. I swear when I'm high, the world is just a big setup to fuck with me.
  11. when i get really blazed i always sit down then i cant find the remote to the t.v so i get up to look for it but after about ten seconds of looking for it i forget what im doing sit back down and go back to watching the t.v realising i still need the remote. idk why but this happens almost every time i smoke before i relax for the evening.
  12. Even if I'm blazing alone, I lose my lighter damn near every time. Normally I just set it down somewhere obvious and waste a good amount of time looking for it, or I'll fall asleep somewhere and have it lost in the depths of a couch.
  13. When I'm baked, I always try to do things in clever ways thinking I'm going to save time and end up taking twice as long.:laughing:
  14. lol exactly.

    Like about 10 mins after I made this original post I go to pour a sippin glass of Crown Royale, and when I screw the cap off it goes flying off (cuz Im a spazz when Im baked) and lands BEHIND my fucking bed!!! wtf!!?? So Im all stretched trying to grab this cap cuz I dont want to leave the whiskey open...jesus what a night lol. Im glad Im not the only one though :D

  15. Man... you mean to tell me Im not alone?

    When I'm driving baked, I always forget how to get places. I'll lose all since of direction, and have to pull over and gather my thoughts. Then i'll be driving, and be like "oh man, this is totally gonna be a dank shortcut".....ends up taking me like 20 extra minutes
  16. when i am baked as fuck i just sit and listen to some music.:smoking:
  17. Recently, I'd have to say driving. The past few months I've only smoked maybe 3 times, each time getting blazed out of my skull. My bud has to take over the wheel >_>;

  18. hahaha. "ive smoked the lose your car keys weed, but ive never smoked the melt-into-the0couch weed! damn! where do i get some of that?! maybe if i smoke some of that and some of the lose-my-keys-weed, i can melt into the couch and find my car keys!"

    -Doug Benson, SuperHigh me
  19. The other day I was driving high, approaching a pretty main intersection. My way was green, and as I enter the intersection this truck sitting to my right waiting at his red light to go perpendicular to where I was going..just starts fucking going out in front of scared my balls practically into my stomach. AND it was raining..I braked and he stopped and I was like WTF but all was well. I thought I messed up horribly wrong or something, but my way was definitely green and his was red.

    once, me and my gf were blazed and went back to her house..this was like a one time occurence of her smoking too and us being at her house..her dog was sitting with this strange look on its face..head cocked at us..and fucking WINKS..what the hell?

    strange shit happens so often I don't even remember them. I gotta start recording them down as they happen haha
  20. Man I just always put Mary first sometimes in my routines I'll oak a bowl and make ire I got a lighter and my bowl and stuff before I get like a rain jacket or something because it's pouring outside :x

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