Does this guy sound legit?

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  1. I'm selling something online, and this guy replied back. Although he stumbles a bit with grammer; anyone know if this guy is show signs of being a scammer? I'm doing this through a free website - so there are some risk factors involved.

    " Thank you for your quick reply, am very much interested in this item
    and am very happy to hear from you back, I would be glad to make
    payment with the following secure payment option :By sending you a
    standard United States Postal Money Order for this item, So for me to
    getting proceed in sending the money via United States Postal Money
    Order, and is very secure for all seller and buyer, so kindly send me
    you Full Name,Address, City, State, zip/postal code, phone number ,
    and this all i think i should have to make the fast payment, i would
    love to make fast payment in cash and pick it up from you quick but we
    are not in the same Area Or State and ,But i have an account with
    FedEx Shipping Campany, and i ill like to hear back from you after you
    have receive the approval notification confirming from United State
    Postal Money Order Customer Service for this item payment.It's nice
    doing business with you. I ill be expecting your reply so fast,"
  2. Well, I work at a financial institution, and I see ALOT of scams going on with money orders. What I would suggest if he's paying with money order, take it to your banking location, let them know where you got the funds from so they will scrutinize the MO more thoroughly and hopefully know if it's counterfeit or real. LET them place it on a hold, and don't touch anything out of it until it is released from the hold. I've seen so many counterfeit money orders through online services, so be careful.

    And if at any point he says he's sending the money order for more then the item is worth and if you could just cash it and send the money/wire the money to him, stop right there and sell elsewhere.

    edit: This should go without saying, but dont't ship until the funds are released from the hold as well.
  3. Haha yeah. I heard of that going down before. Send them the overbalance, then find out it was a fake check.

    +Rep - Thank you. Exactly what I was for. This my responce to him:

    Alright, so your saying your going to send me the MO first and foremost, correct? Once it gets here, I'm going to have my bank look it over and determine if it's valid or not. Deal?

    Sound good? I'll post his reply once it gets here.
  4. Sounds good. If he wants you to move forward before the check clears, tell him to take a hike, no sane individual doing a clean deal would agree to this.

    Just be careful, I'm very skeptical about MO's.
  5. 98% of the time that'd be a scam. Of course there are legit people in the world. But there's no reason not to give him a chance. You're not giving him shit till the money's in your account and verified.
  6. yar but dont go dickin him over after u recived money now :Grin:
  7. Haha, I'm not like that. I think this guy is, though - he hasn't responded yet. I think I might have caught a scammer in the act thanks to you all! :wave:

    I'm not sure what you're buying and for how much, but my friend found this "GREAT DEAL ON IPODS MAN! $1000 FOR 10 PLUS A SAMPLE!" from some Indonesian. Me, being the greedy dumbshit I was, said yay lets do it.

    Then the emails stopped coming and goodbye 540 bucks (1/2 of iPods + shipping)

    I'm telling you, the deals sound too good to be true because THEY ARE! THis guy even forged a govt. document (yeah, Indonesian govt big deal but...) with his picture and all that shit, gave as a phone number and bank info. WE tried to track down all leads and of course they didnt work. And of course, no agency gives a shit about losing 1000 bucks abroad. Nor did the banks really...

    Just don't man!

    People suck
  9. Thanks for the input, but I'm selling something. I am pretty sure I have a fool-proof plan. If he ever wants to respond, he's going to send me the money order first, and I'm going to have my bank check it out. If it comes back legit, I cash it it in and send the my item.
  10. Yeah make sure you get the MO first, and deposit it into your account and wait until it is completely cleared, and the money is in your account, and then send it.

    I got taken for 2 grand one time, when some lady sent me a fake check. She told me she needed the handbags (what I sell hehe) for a show and that I can call her bank and they will verify the check is good and will clear no problems if I can ship them out as soon as I receive it.

    Well the sucker I am, calls the number on the check (remember this is a fake checK), turned out to be her cell phone number, she put on a fake voice, and pretended to be a bank teller. She did a great job and completely tricked me thinking that the check was fine and I could ship this lady the stuff out fast so she can do her show. Well 10 days later I get a call from the bank, it was a phony check that bank didnt even exist :devious: She taught me a valuable lesson though, don't help anyone out especially sweet sounding women, always get your money into your account first and then you ship.
  11. Damn... all I can say is ouch. That must have sucked. I'm glad that I didn't have to figure this out the hard way. Thank you for bring this to my attention.

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