does this exist.

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  1. A site where people can go and sell their old pieces they no longer use. I got so many pieces I just wanna get rid of or trade off its crazy. Thanks guys
  2. [quote name='"tobymac420"']A site where people can go and sell their old pieces they no longer use. I got so many pieces I just wanna get rid of or trade off its crazy. Thanks guys[/quote]

    Google, b0ro m4rket, just without the numbers.
    That's the most popular site for this, but you have to pay $50 just to look and buy pieces, and it's a little more to sell pieces.
  3. i would think that because of resin, it wouldn't be allowed. just give/sell/trade them to your friends or people you know.
  4. You can clean your pieces before you ship them...
  5. You absolutely need to clean your pieces before you ship them.
  6. If you can get them completely spotless, and they aren't chinaglass, BM is a good option, but you have to buy before you can sell.

    Try craigslist.
  7. i guess, sometimes resin does not come off though.
  8. ^you're not using products that are for cleaning resin, and the like, then

    It'd be smart to, yeah, but not mandatory lol
  9. cool.

    im just telling the guy to make sure there isnt a bit of resin on his piece. you mail resin, you mail weed.
  10. How would he get busted :confused:

  11. use your imagination
  12. ^ it shouldn't matter how you can get busted, just the fact that you could should be enough initiative for you to clean them if your mailing them
  13. Ship US priority mail and you need a warrant for anyone to open your package. There are no drug dogs, no x-rays being used, no one randomly checking what's in the packages lol Ship within the US and you're pretty much set- it'd be good to clean it the best you can, but you don't NEED to ;)
  14. Just use Craigslist, I've bought and sold several pieces on CL.
  15. Craigslist around me has 3 listings for glass. I mean i tried every search i can didnt see anything. $50 just to look at glass that i probally cant afford is crazy lol. Although i wish i had it or they had a browse option.
  16. Reddit has the entexchange, worth a try.
  17. I think ill give that a try. Does anyone know how to post on Reddit though if i wanna post on the entexchange.
  18. Is boro's $50 admission a 1 time thing?
  19. [quote name='"spuckle"']Is boro's $50 admission a 1 time thing?[/quote]

    Yes but you can't sell on bm until you have a silver subscription and you need to buy glass and build a rep there before you can do that. Its not like a sign up and sell type deal.

    Trust me your glass has to be spotless before you can put it on bm, the mods there have to approve your thread before it'll be posted. If there's any water or water stains in the pics your thread will be rejected. If you tried to post a pic with resin in it you'd probably be banned haha.

  20. Yea craigslist is FULL of glass, at least here in San Diego it is. I've bought and sold a couple of pieces with out a problem.

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