Does this ever happen to you guys??

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. (I hadnt smoked for like a month b4 this)One night me and my friend and her husband smoked a quarter in like 3 hours. We got it at like midnight. The next morning we smoked only a like two joints with her dad there was some show on TV in his room and we were watchin it and it slowy got really blurry till i couldnt even make out ne thing then i looked around and realized i couldnt see NETHING it was all really blurry i could hardly make out my friend. Then she got up and went into the living room and i followed her i was so outta it i couldnt really tell what was goin on she sat down and i knew she was sittin on the couch just cuz i knew where it was i couldnt really tell by lookin at it so i felt the back of it and sat down and realized suttin wasnt right. Then she goes oh your sittin on my neice i felt so dumb i just stood up and sat on the floor right in fronta the couch there was no way i could walk to the chair on the other side or prolly even stand up. It was crazy.

    Has this ever happened to ne one where they couldnt see ne thing?
  2. ROTFLMAO, thats a funny ass story. :)
    I've never had that happen to me but i've done some dumb shit in my days.
  3. happened to me the last time i did mush. I ate about 1/4 oz and hit my peak and everything was fine. About 3 hours later i started coming down, when all of a sudden i hit a 2nd peak which was way more intense. i started gettin cold sweats, and started shaking. everything was blurry and i couldnt concentrate on anything. i stood up to go get some fresh air, in doing so i got veerrrry light headed. the 2nd peak mixed with "drunk vision" and light headedness (is this a word?) made me pass out. i woke a couple seconds later feeling fine..(still tripping though) my head must have overloaded or something and needed to reboot. i almost fell off a 7th floor balcony when i passed out too, so lucky im alive today
  4. lol ya i thought it was funny too but quite embarrasing lol. And i dont get embarrased very easily....
  5. That sux, extremely embarissing but atleast you didn't hurt her. And hay you have an excuse "i was fucked up"
  6. Ya but believe me i WAS fucked up lol. I had to have been i couldnt see shit and i couldnt think straight at all and i was kinda paranoid cuz her there were lotsa people there lol...

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