Does this count? Im 17

Discussion in 'General' started by turboghey, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Im currently 17 years old. My birthdate is August 3rd. I live on the east coast USA and its 5:53pm EST.

    My birth certificate says I was officially born at 5:55pm EST. So, what happens to this account.
  2. Ban this kid
  3. Another one :rolleyes: sorry but you have to be 18 to post here :wave:
  4. I don't know, but I'm curious.
  5. lol hehehe hahaha
  6. Uhh, he is NOW

  7. 18 year old noob
  8. Well you say you're 18

    But you could be lying
  9. Today is your birthday so I doubt you will be banned. And no you're not currently 17.

    And what is the point of this?!
  10. You're 18 man. If anyone bans you, I'd say fuckem and wouldn't come back.
  11. I'm pretty sure a lot of the members on here joined before they were 18
  12. too late. you already committed an infraction by submitting an underage post via this account. ban this noob
  13. Must people just count birthdays as the day they where born. That's why its not birthtime. :cool:
  14. He wouldn't be banned for being like 6 mins under 18 well he should be but he would be banned for posting this pointless thread about just qout not being 18.

    I;m pretty sure some mods would find that kinda annoying.
  15. Correct, but they don't go running around posting how they were underage this whole time.

    And have you checked out apprentice? I'm convinced the average users age there is 14 :laughing: :p
  16. Here is what happens.....

    no one does anything, and a ton of users come tell you we will ban you for being 18 (though by the hour you werent), but we dont.

  17. It gets banned because you're a previously banned user. :smoking:

  18. Why people who are previously banned flag themselves like this, i will never know
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