does this chick like me and shy or does she really have a bf??

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    well i work as a tutor in a elementary school. there is an after school program during which all the kids are in the lunch room and the tutor/teachers help them with work. there is this other girl that works there we'll call her C. So i was instantly attracted to C but intimidated by her enough not to approach her for a few months.

    Then one day a 5th grade student walks up to me saying C said she like you. So i go up to C ask if she is from the same university as me, she is and i ask if she commute or lives on campus. she tells me she lives on campus and she tells me the residence hall she lives in, i didn't ask that part she just added it in. So i ask if she'd like to get some food or something sometime with me. She says yes so i ask for her number which she gives me. now is a good time to add she acted shy from what i could tell as she spoke in a rather low voice or maybe thats just her voice but it didn't seem so.

    So i get her number and i ask when can i call to set something up to which she says anytime and i ask any specific times or anyhting and she says nope anytime. so i call her that evening and i ask hows the whether (i commute and shes on campus) she sayS "great" i ask if she has time to tlak/am i taking up her time she says" nopw dont worry its fine she can talk". i ask about herschool workload(end of semster) she asks back about mine and then soon after says shes out to go eat with her roommate

    //let me elaborate on the convo more fully as it may paint a different piece i must add that she spoke in a quiet voice i felt maybe so to sound more feminie or she was shy maybe both or neither?? i call she picks up i say it me blaze i'm jus calling so that you know it my number when i call next she says hey i ask how are you and the how's the weather on campus she says great and she asks the same shit back i say fine but i say it gonna rain later she asks me a question but i couldn't hear/understand, she was quietly mumbling lol, i say excuse me and hse reapeats herself she asked "if i'm working tomorrow?" i say "yes but only in the morning no afterschool i ask if she is working" she answers"ye but i have class in the morns so i only work afterschool" i say " cool and I ask does she always work with the same group of kids every time?" once again she is barely audible to my ears that i 'm checking my earpiece volume and i ask her once more to repeat what she had just said she says" ye you get to know them better that way" i say "ye i feel bad just working with one group of kids when some kid walks up to you and asks for help with his work while you're sitting at a table helping another child,and i agreed though that i liked that at the other school i worked at i was able to work one on one and really get to know the child and help him best " i then ask " if she is busy and if i am taking up her time and if she can talk now" she answers "no its fine she can talk it alright" (this is where if she had a bf i'd expect to hear it or hear her say i gotta go) so i ask about her"how's your workload looking for the rest of the semseter a lot of essay or papers? " she says " no too bad a few 3 page papers, how is your worklload?" i say " a 10 page aper and a few exams and lab pracs " she then says "listen i'm going out to eat with my roommate right now see you soon" (this is subjective but she seemed a lil shy/ quiet talking(the only day of the week we work at same time is tuesday, this was wednesday) i say" ye see you soon and enjoy that meal bye" also dont know where in the convo but we also spoke about the times of her classes and stuff (whole convo around 5-6 mins may have left out a feww words but its pretty much quoted , i''m surpirsed i remebered this much and it all came back after vaped 2 gods gift bowl...well 45 mins and half mango later)

    next day i call her to chill, no answer but literally 1-2 mins later i get a text "hey sorry i'm in class i'm going to be going home today though so maybe we can do something next week"? i say sure drive safely and she responds" thank you. have a good weekend"

    i text her at 12:15am friday "good night C" and she respond at 12:50 :"niight"

    friday afternoon i call her she doesn't answer so i text her saying sorry dont mean to put pressure on you or anything just want you to feel comfortable .

    no answer or contact again btwn us until monday(today) morn at 9am i text her "good morning" no answer i call her around 1 pm no answer. then at 2:30 she text me this "hey im so sorry ..... i didn't have my phone all weekend but i dont think i can even chill at all lol I thought it would be harmless but my boyfriend is guna flip so maybe ill see u at the school somtimes"(the school we both tutor at) i say " dont tell me i scared u off. i get shy and then nervous easily" she responds "no no not at all my boyfrien just went through my phone and he's been gettign mad at me for everything so i don't want to deal with it ya kno"

    i forgot to mention i next sent her a barrage of texts explainng how i was nervous andf taked too much im a nice dude( i really am io may come off a like forward but im truly sweet<not my words )

    so what do you guys/girls think am i right for thinking she has no BF and just blew me off cus i was too forward or pushed it too much and scared her off or am i dreaming and she always had a BF and i was too blind to realize this???

    thank you for taking time to read and help me blades
  2. I dunno man but it sounds like you have totally the wrong idea and she's just trying to be polite

    i'd forget all about it and move on - if she dumps her b/f and wants to know then you'll know soon enough
  3. ummmm sounds like she just wanted to be friends, or check you out for a possible switch:confused:

    then her BF read her texts like douche and got mad.

    it aint your fault man, sounds like you did the right things.
  4. I mean, automatically assuming she's lying is never a good sign for a potential relationship ever working out anyway.

    Boyfriend or not, the message that she isn't interested is clear, and you dug yourself in a hole by sending all texts after she told you about the bf. If you scared her away in the first place, you now look clingy as all hell.


    If she does have a bf who is a little ultra possessive and goes through her cell phone,he was already threatened by you before, and after you made yourself look desperate, you made yourself look a lot worse and a lot less harmless
  5. ^ i know i figured that but it was just emotion you know in my normal mind state i would of done nothing like that but whatver ill see what happens nexxt but thanks dudes.
  6. why do people use letters for names. Just made up a name or some shit
  7. I'd say she prolly doesn't have a bf. Or else she prolly would have mentioned it in the first place, a lot of girls do that, if a guy seems interested. Maybe she is just really shy, and doesn't know what to do. Or maybe you did scare her away. Who knows. But if I were you, I'd let it be.
  8. ye i thought she would of definitely mentioned the bf when she gave me her number..............which is where i add that she got up to leave the lunchroom and was standing around i ask where she's going and she says to a classroom to work with 3 of her kids so i stay in the lunchroom and soon after the kids are rounded up from the lunchroom to the gym for a film i go in search of the classroom, its the first one the corner i go in talk a lil with the kids on of the kids say she and i have the same color eyes i go no ehr eyes her more like my moms eys but then i say maybe its the sunligth and i turn my head the other way and the kids says ye maybe and the girl laughs a lil cute laugh. i then proced to ask if she like to grab soem food or something some time she goes aye call anytime
  9. You never want a female that dumps her guy for a new one, she will dump you for another.
  10. Dude, I think Ted Bundy could do a better job at responding to a girl. I mean you know that scene in Swingers where he leaves like 8 messages on her machine? Well this is like 10 times creepy... Constantly sending some girl you just met a bunch of text messages already asking if you've done something wrong or making up excuses... texting her at night to just say"goodnight" Fucking creepy man and incredibly creepy.

    She probably made up the boyfriend excuse to let you know to fuck off for coming off like a clingy and needy wreck after only a day or two

    The death knell

    Never look her directly in the eye anymore for fear of dying of shame
  11. hahaha. damn it, Foop. You pretty much made the same post as me, just yours is a whole lot more creative and fancy like. :p

    You just always have to outdo me. :laughing:
  12. Just like the swinger mentioning above me, you wait 1 week before calling or texting, and you send ONE text or call, then you never call again until she responds, and again, you send ONE at a time. Don't be a creep, you look desperate.
  13. i don't know from the sound of it she actually has a boyfriend and is just an idiot for leading you on. i mean you asked if you could go out with her and she said it'd be cool AND gave you her number. so i don't think you're wrong for interpreting that as you did.

    oh well dude theres plenty more fish sounds like this one might have a few screws loose
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    well there is some news if anyone was wondering how i proceeded. so yesterday i went to work and around 12pm one of the children walks up to me and says "Monday(this past monday) was Ms.Biggon's last day of tutoring" I acknowledge this and proceed. later that day another little girl walks up to me and say the same thing the other child said so i ask why are ou telling me and the child of course responds "i don't know" ..hahaa thats what i would have said.

    only her capital Ds work so(all grammatical errors and any errors are a result of qoutation)
    so with her back on my mind i decide to text her :"3 different children told me it was ur last day monday.sad right? hahaa. but whatever i jus hope wan can both drop our assumptions and be cool peac"

    if it matters.... there was a 15 minute delay before she responds"hey sorry i haven't gotten back to you i wasn't ignoring you....I have no iDea what tilasia tol u but whatever tilasia tolD you...she maDe I really Do have a boyfrien an he's been getting maD at me so I Don't want to Deal with anything we can totally be freienDs tho....were cool ill ttyl"

    i respond" ye i figured she was lying but that wasn't until when i poke to her agin. I appreciate how understanding and forgiving you are. peace out Ms.G hahaa"


    well i'm thinking of trying to grab some lunch with her maybe before the semester ends, but i'll see how the days pass. i feel she's either a nice person and sees friend in me or maybe fantasy is true and she is shy and i gotta get her to open up and trust me real slow either way i feel like talking to her before school ends. hopeful i'm right with my observations/feelngs.

    thanks and peace out

    ohh and what to you think of my plans?????

    and remember....failing to prepare is preparing to fail<--what i did today :(......:smoke::D

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