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Does this blunt magic stuff really work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vdubstoner, May 18, 2010.

  1. well theres a return policy on the site so if it doesnt just return it lol
  2. Three cheers for adding chemicals, ohhhh yeah.
  3. Short answer, no.
  4. as a college student...blunt spray was a savior...its so potent and does work...very only need a little though...the green flavor is the smells so elegant to me....I never got it from off this site but they sell it in all of the gas stations in my school's city
  5. nevermind....i dont know what that is....ive never sprayed it on my weed...that sounds dangerous dosent it? just get some regular blunt spray
  6. hahah its a marketing thing. guarantee it just masks it. dont buy anything for flavoring unless its made by the people who make Juicy Jays. everything else is shit. blueberry is the best juicy jay
  7. this stuff is complete garbage. my buddy owns a head shop and bought a few of these to sell. needless to say, eveyone that purchased this nonsense bought it back because of the chemical smell that it gives off. smells like weed and burning rubber. made the weed totally unsmokable, wet and nasty tasting. who the heck knows what these idiots put into their product as it has no fda oversight. totally disgusting waste of time. also, these jerkoffs wouldnt let my buddy return the product, he sent it back, they kept it and never sent the refund money, wouldnt answer and emails, this was over six months ago. dont waste your money or your time. enjoy your weed, dont buy this gimmicky chemical crap. i think BM stands for bowel movement.
  8. by the way, many people are complaining of severe headaches after using this product as well. want a better way to ruin your kb? just throw it in the garbage. you will have to anyway if you use this bs. they even fasely claim to be FDA Approved on their facebook page. this is a dangerous product. like i said, buyer beware!
  9. man, i will tell you how this stuff really works. my buddy and me stumbled on the site and ordered some before checking it out the bad reviews for this shit. we both developed this hacking cough and weird pains in our stomach, the best way to describe it is it hurt right above my stomach, like at the bottom of my lungs. because it was giving me trouble breathing i stopped using it but my buddy didnt because he thought the nasty smell it did give off was better than getting caught by his parents for smoking again. long story short, he kept using it for about two months and his parents took him to the doctor last week and they told him he had chemical burns on the nodes of his lung lining and he would need to go for a lung biopsy!!! WTF??? i know my own cough is getting worse even when i dont smoke and i am scared to death to tell my parents or go to the doctor, my dad will beat the crap out of me for being so friggin stupid!!! now i dont know what the hell to do. i signed up here just to give a word to the wise, please do not use this stuff, it is really dangerous and i dont know how they can be allowed to sell it but i guess the internet sells anything...the assholes that make this should go to jail for selling/marketing this straight-up bullshit!
  10. man, sorry about the repost but i just wanna let people know this stuff is bad bad bad! i am just lookin around the net cuz i am really freaked out about this cough and weird pains i am getting all i am reading is this stuff is pure poison. and that guy rastarooks writin good things about it on here is apparently the owner of the shitty company, justin rooks from longs, south carolina. check out the whois on the site! this mf belongs in jail! i bet he dont use this crap! im thinkin of makin a visit to sc just to beat his scum ass for puttin this shit out there. he better hope this shit aint permanent and i am ok or he will be gettin a visit in the middle of the night! f-ing crook selling poison!
  11. Smoking blunts is bad enough for your health as it is, why would ANYONE in their right mind spray yet more chemicals on one?
  12. agreed
  13. It's bad for your health in the sense that you're smoking baccy but you've still never heard of a cancer case or death from smokin them eh?

    What a bright idea....:rolleyes:

    Sounds like an old thread on here from some kid asking if putting Febreeze in the bong water would neutralize the smell. LOL
  14. Oh please :rolleyes: They aren't going to know in an autopsy whether it was blunts of cigarettes or whatever that causes it.

    I didn't even mention cancer. The damage that the cheap, chemical laden tobacco wraps cause to the lungs is bad enough.

    Don't try to rationalize it. Blunts are plain bad for you. I didn't say don't smoke them if you enjoy them. I personally think they are the crappiest, lowest class way to smoke cannabis but that's just me. I certainly don't hate on blunt lovers, but I'll call out BS when I see it.
  15. blunts are gross... adulterating marijuana with nasty tasting wraps is blasphemy. Joints and glass is the way to go.

  16. I love my blunts just because I can't see myself swallowing a pipe in the case of getting pulled over, or a cop walking up on our spot in the woods, etc. Yeah those wraps are some nasty shit and I don't even like messing with them. Granted the White Owls I favor aren't healthy but damn, I can just imagine how those wraps are made. Some 8x8 foot sheet of tobacco mulch pressed into a paper being sprayed down with "flavors" and chemicals moving down a conveyor belt.....:eek:
  17. man, im 16. we just wanted to be able to blaze without the headache from the rents. now it seems i got more problems than ever and im scared. this stuff dont work the way it said it would, you could still smell the weed, with some nasty odor over it. all the blunt magic reviews i read say people are gettin sick. it wasnt worth it, thats why i quit using it but this cough aint going away, its gettin worse. and my boy is in worse shape than me, he used it for like 2 months and he's been coughing up some nasty ass shit! i just wanna know what was in it so i can tell my doctor instead of saying it was some crap called blunt magic, (that dont sound too good, specially with my dad sittin there) but these jackoff idiots wont respond to my emails. its my fault for buying some crap weed spray off the damn internet. they are the scumbags for sellin it, im the idiot for using it.
  18. i shoulda just stuck with joints or my glass piece out in the backyard. never had a problem. i feel bad for my boy but he is the real ass for gettin me to try this junk.
  19. agreed!

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