Does The Water Get Out?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by chris1093, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I might just be missing something, but i was wondering the other day if water can escape from water bottles that are sealed. As many bottles of water that get thrown out every day I would say some of them have quite a bit of water. If it doesn't escape through evaporation we could really hoarding alot of water in our landfills. Can someone help shed some light on this?:smoke:
  2. pretty sure the amount of water in all the water bottles in all the landfills in the world is a pretty insignifigant amout.

    The human body is about 60% water (it varys through out our lives). Think about all the bodies in caskets buried deep in the ground with a cement undercap. Even after the blood is removed thats a decent amount of water that is "horded" down there too.

    Either way I don't think at least for a super long time it's not something to be worried about. I can only assume you got high and thought this up.

  3. "Cup of Joe"

    assume... hope... pray...

  4. Yeah I was pretty much obliterated last night.:D Its still pretty interesting to think about though.
  5. I would assume the plastic bottles would begin to develop holes after a very very long time due to deterioration. If this happens then the water would eventually manage to get out of the bottles. Again I am only assuming this would happen.
  6. Landfills are certainly not a place we want to be looking to for potable water. Leachate from landfills is a very toxic liquid that can contaminate groundwater sources if it is allowed to escape the landfill. Interesting, trippy thought, but it's just not feasible to use landfill water for potable purposes. I can think of many more realistic ways we could be improving our water conservation efforts.

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