does the u.s. president get drug tested?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jameses, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. because bush sounds too stupid to be sober
  2. hell no he dont. didint you know bush is waaaaayyyyy above the law? if he can wipe his ass with the constitution daily then he sure as hell can do drugs.

  3. Thats the truth right there. We have an ex cokehead for a president. The country that has the biggest war on drugs has an ex cokehead for prez.
  4. dont blame his past addictions bra, its one thing if you dont like his policies, i cant say i agree with them either, but the point is he's obviously not a cokehead anymore an was smart enough to quit that crap, once a a coke user takes a step back and realizes how dumb they look, and how fiendish they act, they usually quit. i'm not preachin 'dont do coke' cause to each their own, but a president with a coke addiction would be one that wouldnt last.
    as for gettin tested, you would think so right, it is (in some peoples eyes) the best job in the world,(not me) but damn thats a good question man
  5. i dont know,,, i respect the man,,, i mean he uses the words,,,, uh,,,, and aaah,, and oohh,,,, have you ever spoken to someone so articulate that he can say 3 parragraphs,,, and you still dont know what he said ?

    bush is a common fellow,,, he speaks as a common man would,,,, i dont agree with his policies,,, but i can relate to his language skills,,,

    i like hearing a person in the spot-light fumble over his words,,, THAT MEANS HE AINT SPEAKING FROM SOMETHING WROTE DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER,!!!

    history will treat him kindly,,,, but every-one else sure as hell havent,,,

  6. All I know is, everytime he comes to town, the day before he arrives, a medical marijuana dispensary in the area gets "raided" by the feds.

    Mysteriously, charges are never brought against anyone involved...and the confiscated money and weed just "disappear". Maybe he's nationalizing medical marijuana!

    As for him speaking like a common man, I have heard more intelligence from the mouth of my dog.
  7. but back to the main point he doesnt get drug tested - what a crock of shit ya know - We get drug tested for lil shitty jobs and here is the biggest one doesnt get drug tested - just think about the punk pig police that dont get tested - some counties do and some don't thats bullshit too
  8. Who the fuck cares.
    Leave him alone, he's going to be gone soon enough.

  9. i do; why i asked

  10. ex-coke head? where did you hear this from? he was an alcoholic for sure; with a DUI.. but blow? I dont think so...
  11. dude i was just reading then i saw your sig that quote is so sick
  12. There are something the people just don't want to know.
  13. Just by the way Bush talks you know he snorted way too much cocaine in college. It is funny, because methamphetamine is a schedule II drug and can be prescribe under the name "Adderall", and DMT (a naturally occurring substance in nature/non addictive) is one of the most illegal substances on the face of the earth. Same thing with lsd, marijuana, mushrooms, AET, AMT, DPT, DOM, and others. It is pretty clear that the government doesn't care about the drugs that provoke homicidal tendencies(PCP/Methamphetamine/Cocaine). But they sure don't want you to take a mind expanding drug, because those give you a good point of view on what life should be like, and those also make alot of people say "hey, maybe it is a bad idea that we are killing the shit out of other countries". This shit started with fucking Reagan, I hate that cocksucker, he fucked it up.
  14. Or, it means that he cannot read.
  15. Seems to me he speaks like the common mentaly retarted man would.
  16. Or it means he wrote it down but forgot it :p

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