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Does the tobacco in White Owl cigarillos have nicotine in them?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DreamsFlyHigh, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Everyone says that tobacco, alone, already has nicotine in it. I'm going to accept this, but does it have as much as a cigarette with added nicotine? Is the tobacco in these wraps safe to use in spliffs without worrying about an addiction problem?

    Lastly, is the tobacco worth it to even add?
    *To clear up any confusion, I'm not asking if it has tobacco in it. I'm asking if the tobacco (not the wrap, the guts inside) has any nicotine/strong amounts of it and if it would be safe to smoke in a spliff without addiction issues?
  2. Do NOT put the tobacco from a cigar into anything and smoke it. You'll really regret you did lol.
  3. [quote name='"doubled0218"']Do NOT put the tobacco from a cigar into anything and smoke it. You'll really regret you did lol.[/quote]

    You can't just say that and not give a why..
  4. I use golden virgina rolling tobacco everytime I roll. I only ever put a thin layer on the paper and the weed over the top, obviously. Most people hate this but it works for me
  5. Tobacco contains nicotine. I never use tobacco when I smoke. I try to even avoid blunt wraps as they are made of tobacco (Although it can be nice to pass a blunt around with friends. I prefer a bong when there is less than 5 people).
    I would not add tobacco to a joint. I don't like spliffs. They taste bad and the tobacco gives you cancer. Not worth it.
  6. Look man just smoke the blunt, the skin has tobacco but DO NOT add any extra tobacco, it tastes shitty and is aweful for your lungs to hold in. The paper doesn't have added tobacco like cigarettes so you'll be alright dude.

    Rillo skin - tobacco + weed = win

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