Does the smell of....

Discussion in 'General' started by RasPlasch, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Does the smell of your own shit disgust you?


    Is it just the smell of others people shit that disgusts you?


    Does the smell of shit not disgust you?
  2. What makes you so curious? Area you really that interested in shit?
    Or are you just trying to cover something no one else has before? Its been done.
  3. I just took a shit. And it was horrible smelling this time for some reason. So this question just popped in my head.
  4. So you want to know what other people think of their shit? Seems strange to me man.
  5. i'd rather smell my own shit.
  6. Its okay. You don't have to answer I guess. :rolleyes:

    Ok good. Thats my answer too. For some reason the smell of my shit isn't as bad as the smell of others.
  7. This chicky speaks troof.
  8. People can have the same "scent" of shit as me but as long as it comes from them I cannot smell it. But mine on the other hand, i bask in the glory.
  9. generally i dont smell my own shit that much, unless its real vial. But even walking into the bathroom aftear someone i notice it way more.

  10. Thats usually the way it is for me too. When I walk into the bathroom after my mother just shit, I nearly gag.
  11. of course it does. i dont know how anyone would be able to stand the smell of shit. its all the same.

  12. Maybe. But when I know its my shit, then the smell doesn't seem as bad. For some reason.
  13. I completely agree.
  14. Mine smells like hashish.
  15. Some shit smells OK other shit not so OK

  16. Which is why I asked this question, haha. To see if it was the same for other people. :smoke:
  17. All shit stinks pretty badly regardless of the anus it came from.
  18. I bet you'd be MUCH less pleased if I shit on your face, compared to junkiedays shitting on your face.
  19. Well, that would totally depend on what you ate. I mean - what if you had eaten some cheese the night before so your shit was all clumpy and just rolled off my face but junkiedays had a long night of tequila and Taco Bell and proceeded to squirt watery poo all into my eyes and nostrils ... I would much prefer the chunky poo rolling off my face.
  20. :laughing:

    Sometimes it does disgust me, in general. As a joke, it never disgusts me.

    If I were forced to choose between having to smell mine or someone else's. I'm with the rest -> mine all the way!

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