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Does the smell go thru apartment walls and ceilings?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Phyll, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Will the walls, floors and ceilings in most drywall construction apartments be enough of a barrier to keep the smell of flowering buds (sensi) from wafting around the building? There are no major air or light leaks and it's fairly cool inside the "little" room. There is an additional barrier of pillows and cardboad boxes stacked on top of the "box" all the way up to the ceiling of the little room. The fan get's used once a day for a little while and I'm not in and out of there very much. Will the smell actually permeate the drywall? I can't smell it in my own kitchen but I sure can smell it in the other room when the door to the bigger room is open. There is only one room in the apartment upstairs that could reek but maybe not. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks~ Phyll
  2. unlikely.

    if smell is going to b a problem then think about some kind of oder control.
  3. The last plants we grew you could smell from in my friends house to down the driveway (so damn good :)) but if there isn't any cracks or anything the smell shouldn't leak. Is there vents thats also go into other apartments? And something like an ionic breez is good. I have an air purifyer in my room, it's expensive to buy ($200-$600 probally pending on how good) but we can chain smoke blunts and within 10 minutes my room smells like fresh outdoors lol.

  4. u need some venting or exchange of air or the plants will die. an air purifyer is a good idea for a small grow if its cheep enough. i got a carbon filter n fan and its the best thing i ever brought, not only for the plants cus now they get all the freash air they need but also it means a lot less chance of me gettin busted.
  5. definatly not, if you go out and buy a tru air purifier, they are like 20 bucks. they will do the trick, they do have filters that need to be changed every now and then, but they will keep the air smelling fresh. and they make sure the plant gets fresh air. It will get most of the shit outta the air. I use one in my bathroom, and well it gets rid of my chili night real easy. the apartment thing, yeah i got an apartment too, ut all my neighbors are cool about it.

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