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Does the size of a bong affect how high it gets you at all?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nb7894, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I'm currently on vacation in Argentina and purchased my first bong!


    As you can see i'm pretty happy. got it for the equivalent of 25 USD. Also got a cool grinder that's disguised as a big D battery :hello:.

    Anyways as this is my first bong the question of whether or not the size of the bong affects how hard it 'rips', if you will...thanks
  2. For $25 that doesn't look to bad.
    Is that a carb hole? ... why carb bong? *if it is...*

    Uhmm I'm not 100% sure but I think it does affect the high to a certain extent. (hight of bong)
    :smoke: :smoke: :)
  3. yes it does, as well as the "joint size"

    it does this because you can take a much more concentrated hit at one period of time.

    look at it this way:

    some bongs you can hit massive amounts of weed in 1 hit, which others dont even come close. the weed is not lost, its just more concentrated and in larger sums.

    nice bong tho!
  4. That's a dope bong man
  5. It affects the smoothness so you can smoke more but otherwise no.
  6. Well it will affect the drag, and the hit size, so yes, it can affect the high. Not in how high you get, but how quick you get high. A milk in a 10 footer is gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. Any bong will get you high though if the weed is good.
  7. if you smoke out of it good luck getting it back in the country. but basically height doesnt affect how high you will get but the taller the bong the more smoke it can hold so one rip off a 3 footer will get you high after 1 hit but a mini bong may take 6. its the same volume of smoke just spread out between more hits. i've also heard its good to take small rips anyway so that the thc gets absorbed better, but im not sure how true that is.
  8. not really. a bigger bowl means more weed which means more smoke. a bigger bong just means a larger chamber to hold smoke. but what does that matter if you can't even clear it? or if you have a tiny bowl?
  9. You have obviously never smoked a Hurricane Bong. :smoke: Only carb'd bong ive ever hit, but it was fucking amazinggg! the Carb hole was directly under the stem hole. So You got every last bit of smoke off the surface of the water.:eek:
  10. congrats, man. she's a real beauty :bongin:
  11. i've hit a 4fter and it's the highest i've ever been... hit me so hard
  12. Sick piece - Im no fan of waterpipes with carbs, though.
  13. Ya i think its all mental really. You take fatter hits in bigger bongs because its the equivalent looking to when you smoke from a little bong. Ya know? Like if you fill a big bong half way with smoke and a little bong halfway with smoke, they LOOK like there both medium sized hits. But ones really five hits and the others 1. Ya know???
  14. next bong you buy, buy a diffused one. it will hit much smoother, due to the smaller bubbles created in the down tube. or you could add an ashcatcher or percolator. you will realize how much higher you get, and smoother the hit is
  15. yes. the taller the bong, the less THC you get.
    this is why i prefer smaller ones, naked, with no water.... i like to rip them raw for maximum THC absorbtion :bongin: :D

    especially since most water in this society has fluoride :eek:
  16. The water absorbtion of THC is so little it's not worth it to consider the dry bong
  17. You know how much precious THC is wasted in the water? You can drink bong water and get high, that is sufficient proof. :wave:

    Water bongs are for apprentices who cant handle hot smoke. a seasoned t0ker can handle it no problemo :D :bongin: :hippie:
  18. More smoke more high
  19. Yeah, how are you planning on bringing that on the plane?
  20. I hate bongs with carbs.... But what ver floats your boat

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