Does the environment matter?

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  1. This past weekend I went to a little house party at some kid from my schools house, and me and my boy go out back and pack my bowl like 8-9 times and used about 3/4 of my pill bottle of decent mids, and we went inside and I didn't really like anyway there and that's why I went out back And I expected smooth sailing from there..but for some reason I didn't feel anything I mean I knew I was high but no where's near where I wanted to be and the night was a disaster lol but the next day my friend J had a small bonfire only our group like 5 of us, all my good friends and I whipped out "Barbara" my 1 1/2 ft bong nothing special no. Percs nothing but I packed it once and cleared it by myself and used the last 1/3 of my mids and passed the bong along, I stared At the fire for a bit and next thing you know I'm gone ( doesn't take much for me, luckily) just wondering why when I smoked triple the amount in a non favorable environment I got nothing but a small amount in a good place wrecked me? Haha long story, sorry just ripped Barbara up
  2. Garbage dumps emit a high amount of methane gas that is toxic for the air and for organisms such as yourself breathing it in.
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    The environment is very improtant to me!....I always recycle and use biodegradable products! I even bring my own bag to the grocery store and compost all my food waste! So yeah, the environment does matter to me!

    I kid! I kid!

    It's sounds like you're young and still kinda new to tha herb....I remember similar things happening when I first started smoking tha herb....I'd smoke a joint with a couple buds and it wouldn't hit me till 20-30 mins yeah, your age and environment can play a part but you will be high when you smoke a decent amount of herb


  4. Lol. Well you missed the subject of this thread, and you missed what is bad about methane emissions.

    Methane is not toxic, but it has a very high global warming potential (GWP), much more than CO2 at 72 (that's 72 times as bad as CO2).

    And to the OP, yes, setting matters. If you're sketched out after you smoke, you might not feel that high at all, for example. I love smoking in the woods and nature. That's the best setting for me.

  5. I only hear about 75% of what the environmental teacher is lecturing about. Still very interesting..
  6. Environment will not affect the way your body responds to the pot. However, environment is everythingin terms of how much you actually enjoy the experience. Evidentially, for you, the bonfire was much better and perhaps you felt "higher" on less pot. Whatever the case, it is always best to be in a nice place when medicating :)

    Believe me, brah: I have been right there and know exactly what you are talking about. I feel you, man.
  7. Definately makes a difference IMO, although I don't think its so much the environment, but a mixture of placebo effect/other chemicals in your brain interacting with the high.

    Also when something crazy happens and throws you into a bad situation, its amazing how quickly you can sober up. Like when me and a friend got pulled over once(I was passenger at the time), I was well and truly high at the time but once the adrenaline kicked in I felt stone cold sober. I ended up doing all the talking, and they told me to drive home the rest of the way instead of my friend as they suspected he was under the influence. I had smoked just as much as him and we were both equally as high before getting pulled over.
  8. set and setting my friend.
  9. It's not that I don't believe in global warming, it's just that I don't care

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