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Does the dilution method work if you smoke 2 days before a drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by herbies, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I know this is my first post but I've browsed this forum a lot and it seems pretty cool, I just never felt like creating an account. I need you guys advice on the dilution method. I've heard if you drink a lot of water before your piss test it will become too diluted for the test to read. Well I possibly have an up coming piss test on the 8th and I just smoked about an hour ago. This drug test will be at my recruiters office and I have a legit excuse as too why my urine is diluted, I know I can't smoke marijuana while I'm active duty and my real drug test at MEPs is about 40 days away so I have more than enough time to clean my system for the real piss test, I just wanted to have 1 more toke session.
  2. Just a little reminder :cool:
  3. no. that will not work. if you roll up a pea sized ball of tissue paper and soak it with bleach and pop it like a pill with some water the morning of the test, you will piss clean later in the day. the small amount of bleach will not hurt you. just pop it fast and dont get it caught in your mouth or throat.
  4. What branch are you joining?

    My recruiter gave me a piss test 10 minutes before I went to meps just to make sure lol. I'm sure even if you fail it won't be a big deal unless your recruiter is a gung ho fucking recruiter, but most don't want to be recruiting so they generally don't give a shit, as long as they can get you in.

    But the test will probably be a cheap shitty one, so the dilution can definitely work. And if he asks just give him your excuse. Definitely don't smoke anymore though.
  5. What the fuck no. Do not do this. Bleach = bad
    Actually that's retarded. It is a fact that you could drink a shit load of water and dilute it but it could be dangerous and or not work idk. But bro don't smoke. Dishonorable discharge

  6. Dude what? Ingesting bleach to pass a dt? I don't think it works that way...

    Even if it does work, small amounts of bleach are still pretty toxic to the body, milligram amounts is enough to cause irritation of the mucousa membranes of the throat, nose, mouth, and sinuses, can cause horrible GI distress, diarrhea, vomitting, risk of blindness, ect.

    There are so many other methods to recommend to people that aren't toxic to the body.

    Not to mention, people don't listen to directions. People like to experiment and do things that aren't recommended when blinded by motivation, such as passing a drug test. Their inhibition drops when faced with the risk of failing, so much so that their normal risk/reward system is deteriorated as they only assess the reward and not the benefit.
  7. science = good. its not enough bleach to poison you at all, and it breaks up the thc in your urine
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    I'm joining the Navy and yea my recruiter is pretty laid back I'm just trying to be sure.
  9. Lol I'm not going to, it sounds pretty dangerous.
  10. i did it on probation and it didnt hurt me one bit. passed my UA's too.
  11. angstrom, you're taking science out of context. Which is fucking DANGEROUS, especially when you tell someone to ingest sodium hypochlorite... Putting it INTO the test helps to fail certain assays, ingesting it is nothing short of dangerous.

    Let's see what granny has to say:

  12. Lol I'd rather not but I appreciate your input.
  13. like i said, it didnt hurt me one bit and i passed all mines
  14. What doesn't hurt some people can kill others.

    The bleach does not break down THC, it interferes with the drug test assay, causing to give it a false reading

    Ingesting it to get the same effect as him putting a drop or 2 in his test is straight up dangerous advice. You should NOT drink sodium hypochlorite.

    I don't think you understand how bleach interferes with the cells in your body. Which scares me even more that you keep saying he will be safe. You can't guarantee how his body will process the toxic, lethal chemical.
  15. wait, so putting two drops of bleach in it will help me pass? I know for a fact the test will be unattended.
  16. i would totally do that then
  17. It wont change the color of the urine?
  18. not a couple drops. did that one too.
  19. drink alot of water leading up to the day of the test, but not enough to harm yourself. drink 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar atleast 3 hours before the test piss as soon as you drink it so all you have in your bladder is vinegar. when you drink it its ok to chase it with a little water. hold it until the test and you'll pass, but you have to drink it atleast 3 hours before the test. it will burn your stomach really bad and make you kinda nauseous for 15-20 minutes just try not to think about it and eventually you'll feel fine again. ive passed 2 piss tests with flying colors with this method. i smoked on a sunday and passed on a tuesday. it doesn't work if they send it to the lab though.
  20. If you're stupid enough to take bleach, fuck it.

    Can I have your room when you die?

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