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Does synthetic urine work for drug tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Havok Se7en, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. I have a urine drug test tomorrow, for which I was notified today. It's for a possible job, so I'm hoping they aren't exactly watching me like an eagle while I fill up their cup.

    Anyways, I bought some synthetic urine by the brand "P-SURE" from this shop in my city. Does anyone know if it would work?

    I know it's a gamble, and really stupid of me, but has synthetic urine worked for anyone? Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  2. I have it from high sources that this shit works , and has worked for many a year of emplyoment, and Myself will find out in about a week:cool:
  3. Yes. I have had a friend whose been buying that synthetic piss for over a year and uses it to pass his drug tests. They do work.
  4. I use to work at a smoke shop and we sold "quick fix" and I had multiple people tell me it worked for them.
  5. Good good, positive feedback. :D

    My dad also said he's used the same one I purchased, so hopefully I can land this job. Thank you blades. :wave:
  6. How did the urine test go for you? Did you pass? I have a test in a week and I have a bottle of "Quick Fix Synthetic Urine" that I plan to use.
  7. i got 2 friends i smoke with who use that stuff. both have said it works like a charm
  8. I just used it on 2 drug test in the past week. Did everything to the exact direction so we will see when I get the results

  9. Sweet keep us posted:smoke:
  10. Worked for me about a month ago.
    Monkey Whizz
  11. I didn't pass, because I was nervous and fucked up and spilled, and ended up retaking the test 30 minutes later with my real urine. I think it would've worked if I didn't mess up.

    But hey, I've got other VERY good things in life, so I won't let this failed drug test upset me :smoke:
  12. Just got a call from both the jobs I applied at and I passed both drug test with quick fix synthetic urine. Just got to decide which job I want now
  13. Hell yes it works! Synthetic Pee has literally saved my freedom and my job numerous times! I have used Quick Fix, Ace, Magnum and a couple other brands. I have even used a cheap generic I found at http://www.drugtest-solutions.com
  14. I bought P-Sure at a headshop but didn't have to use it yet. I couldn't find any recent info on, especially if it contained urea or not, so I panicked and ordered QuickFix too, lol.

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