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Does smoking weed still give you smokers cough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, May 10, 2011.

  1. Because ive quit smoking cold turkey for my job and now i have this very very subtle slight irritation sensation in my throat and when i have to cough, i cant stop for a few moments and it gets pretty rough
  2. I never have ever gotten any coughs.
    Only small ones after HUGE rips.
  3. No idea if smoking weed does, but the pack a day cigarette habit sure does!
  4. Well, you are bringing smoke into your lungs. Burn plant particles are being absorbed by your lungs. It would probably be based upon the strength of your lungs and you immune system in fighting off the absorption. If you have weak lungs, or are not used to the act of bringing smoke into your lungs, then yes it will probably give you a cough.
  5. If you smoke a lot, like every day for 6 months+, then you can get chronic bronchitis
  6. if youre a chronic smoker who smokes schwag/regs (because you have to inhale more smoke to get high off low quality cannabis) then i suppose its possible. You would have to smoke every day for months though.

    Just another reason not to abuse cannabis by smoking it all day everyday. And another reason to smoke dank.
  7. Same, 15 years of smoking and never had a smokers cough :smoke:

  8. I currently have the itch and cough you refer to, had to leave a lecture the other day as the coughing was uncontrollable. I actually started to tear up.

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