Does Smoking Marijuana Slow Down Muscle Gains? Click Here To See.

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by squat, May 29, 2013.

  1. A little about Elliot hulse for some credibility to his advice, in the words of Elliot hulse:

    I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk every single day. As the father of four children, husband to my high school girlfriend, gym owner, strength coach, pro strongman, author, producer and business owner my track record for helping people become the strongest version of themselves is top notch.

    Elliot did not mention he is also a CSCS through the NSCA, and holds a bachelors or masters in some sort of exercise science field. He's also a holistic lifestyle coach with countrywide status.

    No, it does not. Keep on toking :D
  2. It certainly does help getting caloric needs much easier...
  3. i got the smoking part down, now to give that working out part a try....
  4. Yeah, at least the dude said multiple times that what he was saying was unfounded. I'd like to see some science.
  5. Very few reputable places of study would approve that so it probably won't happen.
  6. Toking after a workout is great. Relaxes your muscles, your heart rate speeds up which should, theoretically, act as a cool down... and it gives you the munchies helps with bulking :D
  7. I've been doing a powerlifting routine for the past year and weed seems to work well for CNS recovery. When I take tolerance breaks, I can't recover as quickly.
    I don't think there's any real science on this though since it's difficult enough to do a study on weed, let alone the effect of weed on bodybuilding/powerlifting.
  8. No it doesn't.
    I smoke before a work out and I get the best workouts ever.  I go home and smoke after my post work out meal and not only does it take away my food baby but it is very relaxing.
    Plus THC acts as a vasodilator.  This helps when your working out and also after to carry all those nutrients easier to the muscles.  Broscience at its best.
  9. I never even thought of the vasodilation thing, haha that's awesome. Per workout supplements at its best 😃
  10. Love going to the gym baked. Just throw my head phones in and get in my zone. If your an active high person I recommend it actually.
  11. I knew it doesn't harm your gains. :)
  12. No..but it seems to be easier to focus on your workouts when you're sober.  Getting high afterwards wouldn't make any difference
  13. That's purely dependent on the person whether he or she can focus on their workout.
    I get in that zone, there's nothing else I'm thinking about except perfect form and to push my self. It's a win-win situation.
    I will admit I am a bit goofy around the gym or at least I feel like I am because I'm so damn out of breath and baked.

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