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does smoking help you study?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jawnski, May 22, 2010.

  1. just finished classes friday :hello:woooo. I have exams starting Tuesday through Thursday. I was thinking of toking tomorrow morning to help me chill out and study. Exams are veryyyy stressful. Also, i plan on studying for at least 5 hours straight. I think some bud could make me a lot more relaxed and focused when studying, i just don't want to fuck myself over for exams. Has anyone every used weed when studying,or exams specifically?
  2. Study, no. Do homework, yes.
  3. inb4 the How High quote....
  4. I try not to study when I'm high. It has worked, but only about half the time. The other half the time I just zone out and forget what I just read and have to re-read it like 4 times, defeating the purpose of smoking before.

    The only time smoking really helps me with school is essays. I've found the most effective strategy to write an essay (for me at least) is to write out a fairly detailed outline sober a day or two before, then smoke a bowl and write the essay while using the outline as a "guideline." Some of my best essays have been written this way.
  5. If you really want to focus, grab a stimulant. You're in school, everyone has some addys. Pop a 30mg, nothing too drastic. And then you will study your brains out. Great for writing term papers/ opening up to your loved one xD

    I always *try* to wait to smoke until i'm done studying.
    in other words, I skip the studying, and give myself a little toke.. damn procrastination.
  6. If I'm studying something really boring that I really don't want to study, smoking usually helps make it more interesting, but it definitely takes me longer.
  7. I want to take my finals high and on ritalin this year. That's one of those things that I want to do before I die, :p.
  8. Yes , it works great , the only catch is you'll forget everything by morning and what youve written down appears gibberish.
  9. dude i cant read worth shit when i'm baked. i can write a bomb ass paper though

  10. Study on it (early in the day) and get a full night's rest. And then take it in the morning. Don't forget to do the "oh shit review" right before the exam though.
    Then just await your teacher to put your A up online :D:hello::smoke:
  11. Study high, take the test high, get high scores. look what happend to those two guys :smoke:
  12. I can see half the people on here who write amazing essays while baked.

    Once a pond a time, there were these two guys, well maybe there. but that isnt important. so anyways these two or there guys. fuck it does matter okay lets say two. okay so these two guys right. they are chilling and blazing. and then all of a sudden. one of the two people got really hungry. man im really hungry...

    Nah, I write better high too. But idunno studying and homework. When I get high I just am like would I rather make food and watch this movie or do homework.
  13. No, whenever I try to study whie blazed I get distracted by every little thing. And reading is harder because my books seem to vibrate slightly.
  14. Study high, take the test high, get high grades!!!!11 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    No, not while studying.
  15. its different for everyone
  16. ^^This.
    Marijuana affects your short term memory, so trying to memorize shit when your high won't help ya much. However, at least for me, after smoking if i start doing homework i just get on a roll and get pretty damn productive.
  17. Similar to what others have mentioned, I have found that studying high does not work out too well. Writing essays while stoned, however, has never provided me with less than an 80%.
  18. LMAO.

    It's impossible for me to study. I just can't concentrate no matter how hard I try. I think weed would help in psychology/social science classes, but I'm a Biology major and most of my classes are Bio/Chem/Calc.
  19. Study= No way in hell. I get waaaay to distracted. I have ADD, even watching a new movie high is a challenge for me lol.
    Homework= Maybe. If I have enoug time yes. But i dont like to.
  20. Not really, studying and even doing homework is all about repetition and getting that mental memory going and memory is not marijuana's forte. I can't concentrate on complex tasks while high unless I know the material already which is not the case when you are studying and doing homework. Sure you can do Calculus high (as some kids on here try to seem cool by saying), but its likely because you already understand the material. It's not the same case when you're coming home from class, blazing, and then trying to remember how to do what you were doing in class. I think people are more productive when they're not high, regardless of how many people tell me can always process faster, work harder, and concentrate better sober. Science never

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