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Does smokin weed....

Discussion in 'General' started by Hempy, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Whats going on. I didn't know where to post this but I hear that marijuana smoking effects growth, and stunts it. I'm a senior in highschool and i'm only 5'6, my father is 5'11 and my mom is 5'4. Do you think smoking weed could effect your growth? or is it proven? please let me know. thx
    - hempy
  2. there was a thread before with people posting height and weight, and i found out that like 3/4ths of the users on this site (all potheads alike) are all over 6 feet tall.. if anything, i'd guess it makes you grow MORE, haha.. im about 6 feet exact myself. I started smoking the summer of 8th grade, been smoking ever since. Im a senior in high school also, i dont think it's stunted my growth at all... i was always one of the taller kids in my class, besides the kid thats 7 feet tall, theres always one, hha..
  3. It hasn't been shown to actually stunt growth. It does however cause abnormal fluctuations of hormones, and in a still growing body this can have many adverse effects. I wouldn't sweat it though, you're parents' heights averaged out would be roughly 5'7 5'8. not to imply a childs height is the average of the parents, but then again the apple doesn't fall too far form the tree.
  4. well i have a little bro who is a freshmen in highschool, and hes currently 5'4.. it seems like most kids in his grade are bigger then him by several inches... hes been smokin weed since 8th grade. should i encorage him to stop so his balls can drop?
  5. you can if you'd like. I don't think that'll make his balls drop, but if it would make you more comfortable quitting or getting your brother to quit then go for it. It just sounds like you and your brother are genetically predisposed to a late growth period. its no big deal. Some kids have full grown beards at age 13, some can't grow anything close to real facial hair until they start pushing twenty. There's no set timeline for human growth, the closest thing to one is the natural timeline thats in your genes, which wont change or stop oir start working solely on the quitting of smoking pot. You should look into other aspects of your life which could be contributing to the stunting of your growth more seveirely, such as nutritional intake. Do you eat enough fruits? Do you take multivitamins (its never too early or too late to start)? Do you eat lots of junk food? do you work out? are you involved in pohysical acitivies that would compensate for not working out? How much water do you drink per day? How much calcium do you get through dairy products?...etc. etc.

    Pots not going to turn your body into a monster, and neither will it help..its benevolent when it comes to controlling the growth of ones body. I suggest you do what you feel is right. I also think you should talk with your parents about what they went through as young adults your age. I bet you'll be surprised to hear they had the same late growth periods as you're experiencing now. The body is an interesting piece of meat, nobody knows everything about it, and I don't know if we ever fully will. But some things are just guaranteed to remain constant, and weed can't do a damned thing about these things.
  6. Its weird though, mike (my little bro) has a dirtstash already, and has to shave just about every 3 days, and i'm sure he has hair below his waste, but he dosn't have hair under his arms yet and he is just kind of short. He does not smoke weed a lot. probobly about once a month, i didn't know if it would cause a BIG change in growth, i dont think it'll matter. I would rather spare a few inches and get high whenever i want to then quit in general :) fuck tall people!!! just playin haha
    thanks for the help
    - Hempy

  7. haha, that made me crack up!
  8. hes a freshman and hes been smoking since 8th grade, thats only a year. Weed doesnt fuck with your growth and shit, just keep smoking. Youll grow.
  9. why the hell do u care, if it does at all its on so minute a level that ud be like 1 in a 1000 to have it affect u and ud grow like 1 inch less then ur normal height otherwise every damn dont do weed commercial in the world would have midgets token up, smoke on

  10. ha ur right man, my class had one of them, actually i was/am mates with him, but the point is he was there
  11. i smoke way more pot than your lil bro and i'm somewhere between 6 2 and 6 3. closer to 6 3. you got nothin to worry about. just smoke out with your bro and let him worry about his own physical appereance..
  12. Whatever height you wind up being, you were pretty much predetermined to be from the moment the sperm hit the egg.

    Weed won't "stunt" your groth. Coffee won't "stunt" your groth. Soda/Pop won't "stunt" your groth.
  13. I have never heard that. I would say no.
  14. stunt growth?????? that's tobacco man. i know heads that are tall and small.. has nothing to do with their smoking at all/ mostly genes and race (filipinos are short and scandinavians are tall FOR EXAMPLE)
  15. I'm short and I'm still taller than both of my parents.

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