does smell = quality in seedlings?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hiphopanonymous?, May 20, 2010.

  1. i have four more seedling i started about a month ago 3 of them are about 4in tall and the other is about 6in tall with 2 more leaf sets than the others. The only difference is the bigger one has 2 worms in the pot, also it smells so skunky compared to the rest. It came from bagseeds but smells so good. SO does the smell in a seedling have any relation to the quality of the plant?
  2. i have a similar situation i wonder if this is true too.
  3. 2 worms in the pot? are you smelling worm poo--------rofl
  4. I think so, man, it would make sense wouldnt it?

    Now i wanna go dig up some worms too lol.
  5. High guys...:wave:
    generally from what i have seen the stinkier veggers are the best buds..
    ive grown a few strains and this rings true.. so you might have a keeper there man...
    clone it up...

    keep it green guys

    Yoda out:bolt:

  6. i figured they would help with aeration and isnt their poop posed to be good anyway?

    thanks ill have to look into cloning

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