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Does showering while high sober you up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Royksopp, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Many my stoner friends have told me that showering while you're high sobers you up. Is this true? I've been wanting to shower while high to see what it's like lol.
  2. I think it feels great and nah i always still feel high as fuck. Just dont think about it and it wont kill your high.
  3. not for me. i love taking showers high

    some people it does and some people it doesnt
  4. My friend said it does, so I usually dont but i dont notice a difference when i do. I just dont feel like taking a shower during my high.

    Dont let it placebo you
  5. i usually blaze in the shower so no it doesnt sober me up
  6. it sobers me up unless i baked immediately before showering but if there is more than 10 minutes between the two i will have wasted a bowl
  7. Try smoking in the shower. That is the best shower you will ever take... probably the longest too
  8. I might be crazy but i definitely don't feel as high after a quick shower
  9. yea i smoke in my shower before school. its amazingly awsome. ya know couch lock well you get shower lock.
  10. it feels good as fuck taking a hot shower.
  11. I love showering while high. Everything about it is awsome. the feeling of water and soap everything is intesified. the best thing tho is having sex in the shower after you blaze. Best sex/shower/one of best highs ive ever had!
  12. If i am washing my hair and shit, like an actual shower not just hopping in real quick, then i feel pretty sober by the time i come out. Or if i go swimming, i feel pretty high while doing it, until i get out.
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    If you take a hot enough shower I think you get higher. The THC that is stored in you're fat gets released and its like an adrenaline boost, but slower.

    Thats one of the reasons people who are high and run begin to feel more high, or when people exercise then smoke feel like 10x higher.

    I suggest you smoke then sit in the shower with scalding water and jerk off....You will feel awesome and feel a lot higher unless you're a woman then just touch yourself....and send me pictures (unless you're ugly)..(wait no even if you're ugly)
  14. for some reason showering high makes me paranoid and i hate it. i wish it didnt, ive smoked and gotten in the shower so many times to try to overcome it. i dont even know what im afraid of. but whenever i get in it it just sketches me out. not cool.
  15. ITs all really relative
    If you smoke 2 bowls out of bong, lets say that takes 10-15 minutes, just so if your calmly chilling. Then about 5-10 minutes to put your shit away clean up then get ready for the shower. By now your getting at your peak. Usually when i take showers high they are much longer than regular ones. about 15-20 minutes. I think people only say that it makes you less high because you pass your peak possibly.
  16. Oh I have a funny story.

    Back in high school I came home plenty late enough I thought my mom would be in bed. I was high as a kiteeeee. Well she was up drinking with her girl friend and I quickly retreated to the shower. When I came out her friend asked "Did you wash it off".. wash what off? "the hiiiggghhh"

    ahaha. Its funny looking back on it.
  17. never noticed a difference. might just be one of those myths. try it and see is all i can say
  18. it does for me i mean it doesnt completely kill my buzz but it clears my head up a little bit.. takin a bath baked is more enjoyable for me

  19. first off you would have to be burning the shit out of yourself for an extended period of time AND have a shitload of THC stored to notice it.

    second off.... need i say it but wtf yo i cant tell if your serious or not

  20. kidding dude. im good looking enough to get trim, but I dont have the speaking capabilities

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