Does she like me or not WTF?

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    ive known her for maybe 6 months now. However, it seems like a lot less. We've been friendly since day one, but i've only really started trying to make her my girlfriend in the last month or two.
    We're both students at different universities i'm 19 she's 20. we work part time at this fairly big bookshop (12 staff) we both work sunday shift so i see her once a week.

    We talk at work when we get the chance and most of the time its not awkward. She's kinda shy and innocent and i'm pretty sure she's still a virgin.She always laughs at my jokes (even the lame ones) and smiles at me a lot.

    i added her on FB and we talk quite a lot. But 90% of the time i need to start the coversation with her she's only started one once...

    Anyway, i shifted things around at work a few weeks back i got her alone. We were hanging out in the storeroom talking and messing around and stuff. And once we got back to the lunch room i finally asked her out.

    I said something like this:

    "hey since your on holiday now (semester break) would you want to get lunch with me sometime?"

    She says "yes" pretty fast, like just as i finish my sentence. I look at her and realise she's blushing.

    I talked to her through FB that night and we organise details. i gave her my number and she gave me hers ( wasn't expecting her too).

    *The Next Day*

    We planned to meet at 11, but i decide to get there a bit early at like 10:50 so i can be there when she gets off the bus. I get there and she's already there reading a book (lol). The place i wanted to take her was closed so i'm invite her to my place instead to watch a movie. We watch this french movie called "Amilie". After the move we go down the road and find this other cafe and get some food and drink. I offer to pay but she wanted to pay for her own thing (dunno if that's important). She's really eased up by now, she was a bit tense at the start (think she was nervous) and she's talking about every thing, her family, college, what she wants to do once she graduates etc. It's good. its like 2:30 pm by this time after we finish out food we say good bye ect.

    Ok now this is where shit gets confusing. A couple days later i text her asking her out again and she has plans with friends, now i'm 95% sure she actually did have plans because she told me about what they got up to at work.

    *A week passes*

    i text her asking her out to a movie, its a monday and i asked her at like 10:30 am on that day. She has plans again...Now i'm only about 50% sure if she actually did.

    It sucks because i really wanted to meet up with her that week beacause she's now gone home for 3 months for the semester break.

    So yeah, now i'm kinda confused. Looking back i realise that i'm always the one inviting her to things and starting conversations with her. So basically it's been like two weeks since i last asked her out. I decide to not try to talk to her or anything until i got some kind of sign from her.

    surely if she liked me she would show some sort of sing of interest. Basically playing the waiting game right now. realy want to talk her to though! but yeah dont want to come off as needy.

    What do you think guys does she like me and is just shy? or she doesnt like me and is just being polite??

    TL;DR? Went on a date with girl from my work. Asked her out two other times she had plans (possibly legit). Not sure what to do next, but confused if she is interested or not, i always need to initiate conversations.
  2. Dunno man but I hate that shit, so annoying
  3. ignore her, dumb bitch.
  4. I'm in a similar situation, but I changed my views recently and am going with: "Bitches be crazy!"

    Seriously the games with girls have gotten to a point where its ridiculous. It seems they prefer guys who don't give a fuck about them, lie to them, cheat on them, and generally treat them like shit. Thus "Bitches be crazy!"
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    Instead of writing a long ass thread about a girl and an article I didn't even read. Just ask the girl if she would like to fuck you. The answer will become clear soon after you virgin.
  6. I don't think this is thread worthy man , no offense dude but it's too long of a post and it's probly a question you don't need us to answer
  7. words of wisdom right here
  8. The fact that this thread exists leads me to believe she doesn't like you
  9. I fuckin hate when chicks don't start conversations or ask to hang out too.. I think they expect you to be the man figure and talk to them and ask them to hang out. Its like their way of knowing you like them. I got this info from a girl thats a friend. Don't feel like your annoying her or anything just try to seem interested.
  10. well whatever you do dont text her those three months shes home. It will pretty much give you a fresh start when she gets back, because you fucked up.
  11. Yeah this is why I avoid talking to girls through mediums like facebook or text. It adds a whole new dimension of anxiety of 'ooh who should send the first text' or 'who should open the chat window'. It's unnecessary, once you only talk to them in person you learn to pick up on whether or not a girl likes you via body language and other perks of face-to-face talk. The advent of virtual communication has sucked out the lifeblood of real life conversation's potential, it makes people all awkward about it and I fucking hate that. So it's why I try to balance my use of the internet with actively engaging and building skills in face-to-face conversation, with girls or otherwise.
  12. To all the people saying tldr quit your bitching and op I'm in the same boat as you but this chick was the one who offered to hang at first and now it seems like it's just me we've been taking about going to the saturday market and it closes in 2 weeks but whenever I try and ask her she never fully agrees or she just stops responding

  13. yeah man that's what i'm doing atm. It's been like 3 weeks since i last talked to her.
  14. yeah man it get you. I talk to her more in person more than fb or text. But because i only see her once a week at work sometimes FB is my only option.

  15. Not true. I've actually gotten some sweet advice. And yeah its a long post, it could have been shorter but it felt good to vent it all out.
  16. its been 3 week in and no pussy yet right? lol

  17. wtf:confused: How did i fuck up?

  18. technically that's true. But she's not a slut, and that what i like about her. I'm tired of hooking up with chics at parties.
  19. you have now entered the friend zone, enjoy
  20. Dunno man, i still think i have a chance.

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