Does science prove or disprove a God?

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  1. Does science prove that there is a god? Or does it disprove a creator? imo, I think all of these new scientific discoveries that happen everyday add proof to the argument that there is a God, or creator out there. Everyone time to debate!

    For example, I do strongly believe that the Universe came to be because of the "big bang theory," but not because it "just happened by chance" but because God initiated this awesomely magnificent event. I'll be back posting more on this thread once I gather all the information and proof for my beliefs and statements.
  2. Nope. Science cannot prove or disprove a god.

    There is no evidence for intsligent dedign logically.

    The best you.can do is say that life is amazing there for it cant have happened spontaniously. That is hardly logical. Though.

    If god..can just magically exist fukly formed will and all, then so can a simple explosion of equal oposite reactions that.evolves into humans
  3. This forum likes to run around on a giant hamster wheel of Enlightenment, doesn't it. :laughing:
  4. A bearded god with 10 rules? Hahaha

    IMO, god is the unified field or whatever, literally a frequency.

    From that vibration, everything clumps together accordingly. I doubt it has thoughts like a human.
  5. I think it's a lot simpler than people want to believe. I mean if there was a God he wouldn't be reaching his arm through the clouds every time he wanted something done... He'd make little nudges and make everything seem like it happened naturally.

    So yeah, I think you can have both without any problems
  6. not proof or disproof but i immediately thought of this video when i read your post
    [ame=]The Universe Is a Symphony of Vibrating Strings - YouTube[/ame]

    personally, i beleive in the big bang, and evolution but I am a Roman Catholic and i do beleive in God. alot of people think catholics are really against science and evolution but the vatican donates alot of money to science. you know how video games have easter eggs? i feel like theres easter eggs from God in real life, like how theirs a computer code in string theory.
  7. yeah dude smoke another one...... god is nothing more than a vibration... this is the answer.

    I think nobody knows. I also think the word god can mean whatever the hell you want it to most of the time. there's infinite beliefs.
  8. Einstein called the universe, god.
  9. No; science is based on the circulation of empirical evidence to acquire facts - philosophy disproves God.
  10. ^when you do something right, people won't be sure you did anything at all...

  11. I love futurama... best kind of show for me to watch while stoned.

    As for the actual tread topic... I'm pagan so I don't really have a dog in this fight.
  12. An insignificant being realizing were insignificant is fairly significant...
  13. but only to that insignificant being.

    Personally I don't think they have the same goals so it's kinda like asking does the study of aerodynamics prove/disprove displacement of water.

    It's kinda funny to me that some religious people take the bible literally and then some anti-religion people also take it literally in order to discredit/disprove them. If people did the same thing with science books it would lead to just as many messed up views of the world.

    If you approach both subjects with even a little bit of reason you gain lots of knowledge. That's the thing Neil Tyson talks about when he says "scientifically minded." It doesn't mean you know science specifically, it's just that you are able to pull out the bits and pieces of truths from everywhere.
  14. disproves

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    No, science cannot prove or disprove a god. Science deals with theories of the natural world. God is a supernatural being and cannot be proven by science since he would be above natural law..
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  17. Science does neither, it just searches for truth, and that search is still in it's infancy. In my opinion there is no god (intelligent design) and everything in the universe/multiverse is just a miraculous accident, though in all honesty no one has any clue. I feel certain all the Western conceptions of a god are false, though a lot of the Eastern philosophies could be on the right track.
  18. Depends on ur definition of god... God to me is the universe.. Its not a he or a she, it is the higher power that governs the laws, it cannot be seen,felt nor heard, it pulls the strings of life thru cuase and effect, god is all around u it is the energy flowing thru u and everything else
  19. [quote name='"HookedonPhonics"']


    I don't believe in god or any supernatural beings.. What's your point

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