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Does my recent pickup look good? (FIRST picture)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by broompeople, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. View attachment 2330530 View attachment 2330529 So the last time I bought here on the East Coast I got really lucky and scored Skywalker OG. I went and picked up again and the guy told me that he didn't know the name of this strain, but it's an indica. What do you guys think of the FIRST pickup picture? Obviously the second looks better, because it was. But does the first picture still look like dank? I'm kinda bummed I didn't get something like the second picture this time around.
  2. from looks alone i like the way the first one looks better, it has a few sticks but i imagine it has that piney lemony scent? The second one looks too green imo, but has a very nice sticky look nonetheless and definitely has the better mass appeal. The first pic looks drier and a little lower in the bag also so i wouldn't say your feelings are unwarranted
  3. Beautiful bugs man
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  4. Beautiful nugs man
  5. Lmao I see a little hair in the second pic and it reminds me of when my friend dropped a nug in his dog's hair. He didn't realize it but he loaded up a onie with the contaminated bud and my other buddy looked at me with a "He gonna do it" look. Man he smoked tf outta that hair. We are dicks but that was hilarious.
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  6. I feel bad for people in non legal or medicinal states, that weed looks gross, i'd probably cook with it.
  7. Dude where I'm from we smoke the stems just in case a little THC dropped on them. Then we smoke the crumbs off each other's fingers.

    Jokes, but fr that's quality shit in my area. ^ I've seen some monster buds on here I've never imagined.
  8. Which picture?
  9. Wait what is quality shit?
  10. Which pic of the weed looks gross? Both?
  11. Lol I just saw that too
  12. yes both of them, they both look gross and that weed looks like crap to be more specific.
  13. Weed looks fine..I'd smoke it for sure....both of them!

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  14. beats the hell outa sniffin burlap to quote jim stafford

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