does my friend wanna do it or am i clueless?

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  1. so i have a friend in high school and she's 18 yrs old. i'm a freshman in college and 18 as well.

    I'm home for summer and since I've been back she's been going out of her way to contact me a good amount. last year we were always pretty chill but she was never contacting me each day.

    whenever she hit me up through text/IM she always just messaged me for no obvious reason or purpose which is what i'm used to. she always messaged me just to talk/bullshit.

    she's been hittin me up for the past 4 days to talk and shit and tonight she invited me out to smoke some bud. now we haven't hung out in a while and I'm a little surprised she called me at 1:30am to blaze.

    i couldn't make it out but I'm not exactly sure if she's trying to chill or if there's a little something else she's trying to get into.

    inb4: just go for it, girls love confidence. blah blah blah

    i already know that shit but i don't wanna overread something and go to kiss her only to find out my balls were talking louder than my brain and i make things really awkward. i think she's pretty cute and I'd bang her but I'm also just as fine remaining plain old friends but if i could stick it in her that would make me pretty damn happy as well. if anyone were in my shoes what do think think you'd do?

    please no rude comments for fucking with me, my dick just wants some play, it's been a while............ >.<

    if anyone needs questions to understand the situation better, just ask...
  2. Just go with it. Smoke some bud with her and check what happens. Maybe she will make the first move but if you get the right signals I say move in for a kiss. Just don't make a big deal out of this and you will be fine.
    You remind me of myself when I was 17. I never knew what the hell to do or say or when to do what. It just happens man.
  3. Its nearly impossible to answer that. There are so many variables we don't know. Go kick it with her. Read her signals man. Stare in her eyes, and at her lips. Make her uncomfortable with tension. Make a move.
  4. I'd say ask her. Don't be Squints from Sandlot bro. Shit I'm high.

    But yeah just ask her.
  5. yea i always try to believe that the right signals come to me but if that's true than means no one has ever taken an interest in me because i never see them. or maybe i am getting them but i'm too blind too notice. i just don't wanna make an ass outta myself

    uncomfortable with tension..... that makes so much sense but knowing me it's gonna go from sexual tension to awkward energy like...............

    i completely forgot about squints but what if she says no? no in itself is whatever but i don't wanna lose someone i think is cool as a friend just cuz i wanna stick my dick in her. at the same time i'm willing to see because my balls wants to be friends with her vag.

    all these words will definitely be taken into consideration but anyone else got any words of wisdom?
  6. Be straight up...just say something along the lines of...

    Hey, you're my friend. And I like you as a friend :) But, I'm also a guy...therefore I have testicles, and sometimes guys think with their nuts. And my nuts have been talking to me and telling me that you're dropping hints. I'm not sure if you wanna get with me or not, but its been in the back of my mind and to me it seems like you really like me. Am I just thinking with my dick, or do you want to get together?

    Something like that...haha.
  7. in a perfect world where people wouldn't be judged for being too forward, but idk..... i might lose all shame and say that..........
  8. I could see you directly asking her, and her directly replying with yes. At the same time, I would not be surprised if she said no, but meant yes. Here is why.

    1. She doesn't want to feel/get labeled a slut for boning you. Give the vibe that it's not a big deal, and you'll keep it DL.

    2. It is usually not a good idea to be logical with a girl, aka verbalizing things. Show her with action. Once again, I don't know what kind of girl she is. Their actions can be different than their words. Hence the reason they claim to want a nice guy, but complain about the asshole, to the nice guy. Good luck man.
  9. i really hate how this isn't coming as naturally as i'd hoped
  10. She wants your nuts bro go for it.
  11. i've always found it very easy to tell if high school girls want to fuck...i've never been wrong with one. it's a bit harder in this situation since all we have is the info you've given us, but it sounds like she's interested. high school girls are easy tells man you'll know.

  12. Who's going to judge you for being too forward?

    If she's your friend, she'll understand where you're coming from and be willing to talk it out. If she wants you, she'll love the confidence and probably throw her clothes off right there or some shit.

    Dude just go for it. Pussy-footing around isn't going to get you anywhere, that's for sure.
  13. Hang out with her and see if she flirts or gives hints that she wants to mess around. If she touches you like rubs your arm or pushes you then make a move.
  14. Also: this ^
  15. Words of Wisdom: Whip ya weenie out and ask in the most profound Barry White voice you can make..
    "How 'bout smokin on this Bayby?"

    she will then proceed to suck,vigoursly.
  16. before worrying about anything else, just go out and have a good time
    don't make a move.

    she'll wonder why you didn't, if you have a good time and everything.
    then, the next time you hang out, she might just throw herself at you.
  17. Bang her dude!
  18. Ya killing me smalls!
  19. I agree with everyone else. Just chill with her. Hopefully you aren't too naive enough to tell if she wants it or not once you see her.

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