Does music just kick your high into a new level sometimes?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420 High Times, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I was just driving around and I was high and I had a pretty good high. Listening to sublime or slightly stoopid or something like that. Had the ipod of random and a rap song came on w/ a cool beat. Blasted it and my high just got really strong again out of no where haha. Ive noticed this sometimes and love it :smoke:

    This happen to you guys or no?
  2. Man I don't know why anyone hasn't replied to this, hell yes. I mean take you whatever into you're listening to, just focus your entire being on one piece of music land.

    ;) (That smiley is beautiful and radiant.)
  3. Im with u man.Listening to music while high makes the song and the "high"ten times better:hello:
  4. yeah dude i know exactly what u mean...i rarely blaze while listening to music but when i do man...its just THAT much better

  5. what? what do you do then?

    I'm usually always playing music while at home and stuff, but especially when I'm blazing..enless I'm watching a movie
  6. HELL YES. sometimes its almost too much to handle. its amazing.
  7. on a related note, does anyone else get REALLY hungry after they smoke?

    Shits crazy.

  8. the only place i can blaze inside my house is in the bathroom...only time i listen to music is when i decide to take my laptop into the bathroom with me
  9. My dude no blunt cruises?

    Ha but why of course I eat with quite ferocity whenever I decide to burn ganja, killing off races what does it cost to be, king of the world,
    I see my self so high I can moss the trees, just a character like tashawnda. (Napoleon Dynamite)

  10. Yeah thats how bad it hit me earlier today. LIke I got shivers down my spine, and my head high just got crazy.
  11. When i listen to hip-hop completely blazed, I'll get chills if I hear a sick ass verse. Especially if its GZA, Nas, GURU, its crazy.
  12. Yup.

    Trance does it for me.
    House if techno-enigma

  13. Thats what it always is that sets it off. I think it was Nas, forget what song though. haha
  14. yes! deffinitely ! ill esp find myself focusing on the light tap of a drum symbol in the background or the bass guitar ..its like listening to every instrument/sound/voice individually when you hear it


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